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The new “Up and Coming” Paul McCartney Tour of 2010 is gradually unveiling concert dates and venues. In our last blog posts we were speculating that the tour may travel further south and this was confirmed yesterday, when a venue and date in Puerto Rico was disclosed. So far it’s a 5 concerts tour, but undoubtedly it will keep being added to, as soon as contracts have been agreed upon.

It would be silly of us to feature a new blog post every time we get a new venue and date, but we will keep our “Solo Beatles Concerts” site updated, so check in there to see the progression of the tour as it unfolds. The tour so far looks like this:

  • 28.03.2010 Arena Glendale, AZ, USA.
  • 30.03.2010 Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles, CA, USA.
  • 31.03.2010 Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles, CA, USA.
  • 03.04.2010 Sun Life Stadium Miami, FL, USA.
  • 05.04.2010 Coliseo De Puerto Rico Puerto Rico.

And here’s the links for tickets: Ticketmaster Live Nation. Unrelated, but here‘s the link for tickets to Ringo and his All Starr Band’s summer tour, while I’m at it.

As you can see, a second day has been added to the Hollywood Bowl, probably due to heavy demand for tickets. I think the last time McCartney played the Hollywood Bowl was at the “Earth Day” concert back in 1993, where Ringo joined him for the chorus of Hey Jude (pictured above). As Ringo keeps a home in LA, there are chances we could see the “Twotles” on stage together again at the Hollywood Bowl.

I attended McCartney’s concert at London’s O2 on the 22nd of December last year, and spotted Ringo in the audience, enjoying the concert together with his wife Barbara, her sister Marjorie and Marjorie’s new husband Joe Walsh. Of course, I was hoping Ringo would get up on stage with Paul, and when Ringo and Joe Walsh disappeared some time in the middle of the show, I was thinking that they were probably making their way up to the stage. This didn’t happen, the two reappeared at their spouses’ side again after a while. I didn’t think two men would accompany each other to the rest room, but then again, they may have just been away to get some sodas. Or shared a joint?

Anyway, don’t you think a reunion of Paul and Ringo at the Hollywood Bowl would be a great way to launch a CD release of The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl?

Another thing we can see coming when McCartney’s in town is the unveiling of his own star at Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame”. His star will complete The Beatles collection of stars there.

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