New Giles Martin Interview

Courtesy of the happy lads over at the Fab4 FreeForAll, here’s their interview with Giles Martin, asking some of the questions only Beatles nerds would think of:

In other news, sadly we are noticing missing songs in the revised lineup of the remastered Shea Stadium concert film, “She’s A Woman” is now audio only, and “Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby” is nowhere to be found. The latter was released on one of the Anthology albums (curiously in mono, although it had been remastered in stereo by Ron Furmanek), the remastered audio of “She’s A Woman” debuts here. We find it puzzling that they did no attempt to do something along the lines of what they did for the “Eight Days A Week” video on 1+ last year.

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  1. Tony says:

    Wow,that was great! At last, an interview in which they asked really good questions, and Giles sounds like a really nice guy

  2. Unknown says:

    Thanks Tony. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Brent from Nashville says:

    Great stuff. We could do MUCH worse than having someone with the knowledge, wisdom and enthusiasm of Giles Martin overseeing these things. Oh yeah, great questions, too!

  4. dany lynen says:

    My dream is to be able to re-mix
    "I call your name" The American mix is slightly better but still I would love if it is possible if the track was not bounced to another since then it was only 4 track. I would love to bring up John Rhythm guitar. Man, it blows me away cause I can play because of him. And as a rhythm guitarist myself ut us fab!

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