New Candlestick Park footage

The Beatles at Candlestick Park, Aug 29, 1966.

According to the latest issue of Mojo, there’s unseen 1966 Candlestick Park footage in the new “Eight Days A Week” documentary. “We got it from an old lady who had a box of film under her bed. She said, ‘I sat in the 6th row, and I shot this footage.’ We digitally transferred it, we were the first people to ever watch it!”

Yesterday, a bit of that footage was used by The Beatles to commemorate 50 years since that final concert for a paying audience. This short film features both scenes from The Beatles’ at the stadium in 1966 and Paul McCartney’s ’Farewell to Candlestick: The Final Concert’ in August 2014.

Rolling Stone also chose to remember the concert on their website.

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  1. Dewey02 says:

    I hope this isn't an excerpt from the movie. It clearly mixes and confuses the 1966 Beatles concert with Paul's more recent one, and most of the shots and the narration give the impression (to the casual fan to whom this movie is targeted) that much of this is from the 1966 concert, when in fact very little footage is from that concert.

    If Mr. Howard plays fast and loose like this in the movie, I will really lose respect for him.

  2. DukeViking says:

    If any viewer confuses HD footage of Candlestick Park in 2014 with 1966 footage perhaps they need a new set of corrective lenses. I mean what better time, while creating the Live documentary, to interview fans at the Paul McCartney show that closes down a stadium that signified such a historical milestone in the band's career.

    Interviewing celebrity heads and cutting out Bill Harry in the theatrical release…now that's a cause for trepidation.

  3. Unknown says:

    I don't really understand how things were done those days. The Beatles always played just 11 short songs. They never did an encore. 11 and done. Barely 30min. Very short showes

  4. VideoShack says:

    The video incorporated old footage and recent footage to commemorate The Beatles show at Candlestick Park. It has nothing at all to do with the Ron Howard film.

  5. James Percival says:

    I think the standard format in the early to mid 60s was a touring package show with a number of support bands with the headline act finishing the evening. Not all the books list the support acts, but I recently read an account of their final tour and it lists the Remains, Bobby Hebb and a band managed by Epstein, the Cyrkle. It might have been more. The full gig might have been close to 2 hours, which is not so different from today.

  6. KimA says:

    From a hard core fan point of view:

    The promises of intresting unrealeased material/footages will be very very
    little in the Touring Years film, I quess. Only 99,9% already thousand times seen video clips in a new package?

    Or then this is a very clever way to keep the best material in real secret?

    Hoping for the best, but I'm afraid for the worst…

  7. wogew says:

    This was put together by the line producer for Eight Days A Week and contains some 8mm footage from three of the various Candlestick Park home movie films the production team found over the past ten years.

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