New Lennon 2DVD from HMC

Flyer for new 2 DVD set

HMC has sent out a new flyer today, promoting an upcoming bootleg set of two DVDs of John Lennon footage from 1980. I’m afraid that’s all the information we have so far. Here’s what it says on the flyer:

Far and away, the most incredible and comprehensive collection of all the watchable video that exists from the last months of John Lennon’s life as he records and discusses the sessions that would become Double Fantasy and Milk and Honey.

Disc one:

Dear Yoko demo (2 takes)

I’m Losing You (NEW) #1

I’m Losing You (NEW) #2

I’m Moving On (NEW) #1

Beautiful Boy (NEW) #1

Beautiful Boy (NEW) #2

Starting Over/Kiss Kiss Kiss Medley (NEW)

I’m Losing You – 1998

I’m Losing You – 1998 «Behind the scenes»

Walking On Thin Ice

1980 Hit Factory Interview & Mixing Session

John and family in Japan Electronics store

Disc two:

The Milk & Honey TV Special

Nobody Told Me – 1983

Grow Old With Me – 1983

Steppin’ Out – 1984

Borrowed Time – 1984 (Card version)

Borrowed Time – 1984 (Slate version)

Every Man Has A Woman – 1984 (John version)

It’s Alright – 1984 (Sean version)

Milk and Honey Re-Release Promo Spot

Starting Over – 1992

Nobody Told Me – 1992

Grow Old With Me – 1992

Steppin’ Out – 1992

Borrowed Time – 1992

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  1. S e as garotas que erraram says:

    Wow! I know it didn't come out, but where can I purchase this? I think it's worth getting it!

  2. maikel ariel says:

    in the front cover we can see snapshots from the same video shared by Revolver records..

  3. Me says:

    Is there a link to buy this?

  4. Unknown says:

    This looks super cool. HMC are the best. Their releases sound awesome too.

  5. Unknown says:

    When is this coming out??

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