Restored Shea concert footage

From The Beatles: Media Archive on YouTube, presented here in 4K, this is excerpts from The Beatles’ first big stadium concert, “Live at Shea Stadium” in 1965.

Although the film has not been officially available on DVD or VHS, it has been widely available on the bootleg circuit for decades, including in a “raw audio” form that restores the original Shea Stadium audio track. A thirty-minute reissue of the footage of the concert was remastered and issued simultaneously with the release of the Ron Howard film “The Beatles: Eight Days a Week” on September 15, 2016 – but only shown in movie theatres.

The concert was absent from the DVD and Blu-ray releases of “The Beatles: Eight Days A Week”, but some excerpts were shown in between interviews in the bonus material section. This has been edited together by The Beatles: Media Archive, along with “Help!” footage, which was taken from a 1080p capture of Imagine: John Lennon.

00:00 Preamble
00:55 Ticket to Ride
02:15 Arrival
02:50 I Feel Fine
03:35 Help!
04:40 I’m Down
04:55 Closing/Departure

How It Was Made:
This video was culled from concert clips played in between bonus interviews from the Blu-ray “The Beatles: Eight Days a Week”. This is NOT a direct rip, rather a brand-new creation by TBMA, featuring the surfaced concert footage to tell a brand new story.

In addition to this, recordings from an FM-radio broadcast captured from a drive-in theater by archivist Lord Reith of the brief theatrical-run of the show was used in order to be as authentic to the initial run as possible.

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  1. David Chan says:

    There is no excuse for not releasing the two Shea Stadium or Tokyo concerts. Many more also. It’s been over fifty years already.

  2. ladhorses says:

    Will we ever see the release of the pristine Shea Footage that was tacked onto the theatrical tailend of the Ron Howard film

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