Review of the DeLuxe Edition of The Beatles’ “White Album”

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  1. Marshall Fish says:


    Thanks for posting the link to my web article/review and your comments. I appreciate it.

    Keep up the great work on the site!


  2. James Peet says:

    Has anybody found that getting the cds out without causing minor creases to the sleeves? It isn't ideal. Aside from that, WOW! My head is too swirly for words but overall, it was such an amazing, revelatory, moving and other words i haven't yet learned.

    Roger, thank you for all the hard work over many years. Since the Beatles Book Monthly finished in January 2003, keeping up with with all things Fab wasn't easy, but you keep us Beatley peoples very well informed and i really appreciate it. Thank you.

  3. Edward R says:

    Well said

  4. What the Pig Said says:

    I was left underwhelmed, as most was available on the Antholgy CD's and nothing was really added to make this truly a special item. Neoptism aside, why is Giles the go-to person for these projects. Anyone with an ear, and love and passion of The Beatles, after instructed on how the mechanics work, could tweak the tracks and such, and create something pleasing to the ear.
    I think the Sgt. Pepper's offered more unique stuff.
    The reproduction photos looked like low quality scans/photo copies. (did someone not have the negatives?) The vintage originals are better, and they were printed in 1968!
    Big deal, I got an extra few seconds of an intro to Good Night, and Revolution…..
    again, not worth it.
    The book should have been released by itself, as it was a nice touch.

  5. Unknown says:

    I agree.
    The new mixes sound like they were mixed in 2018 and not in 1968.
    There is too much bass on the new mixes.
    Mistakes made in the stereo mix in by Ken Scot were not corrected (Happiness is a warm gun)
    The vocals track sounds to be doubled and delayed and spread over the stereo picture (ADT)
    Special the backing vocals. Because your name is Martin does not guarantee what it should sound like.
    The new mixes from Sgt pepper went through the same horrible treatment.
    My massage: DON'T TUCH THEM


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