The Beatles’ YouTube event

YouTube Music is collaborating with Universal Music and Apple Corps Ltd. to host an evening dedicated to The Beatles. The panel event – set to be streamed live from London on The Beatles YouTube channel at 7pm GMT on Wednesday 7th November – will feature commentary and insights from Giles Martin, the Grammy Award®-winning producer of the White Album’s new anniversary edition; Dan Stubbs, Commissioning Editor for the NME; Felix White, former guitarist of The Maccabees; Andy Bell, guitarist of Ride; Miles Kane, soloist & singer from The Last Shadow Puppets and Georgie Rogers, presenter, DJ; and music journalist from BBC 6 Music, Soho Radio and Foundation FM.

The panel will be moderated by Matt Everitt of BBC 6 Music and Miles Kane will also share a live, solo acoustic performance of “I’m So Tired”.

During the discussion and Q&A, the expert panel will delve into the White Album’s newly remixed and expanded anniversary edition, the album’s songs and musical ambition, its continued influence in contemporary music, and whether such an album could be created in today’s musical landscape.

In addition, there will be live commentary from The Beatles YouTube channel so fans around the world can get their questions answered by the panel.

Link: The Beatles official YouTube Channel

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  1. Titenhurst says:

    Experts!? and what an awfully short Q&A session

  2. mike5103 says:

    Very strange event, experts coming in coats from the street, experts that has no idea about the beatles
    After hearing Giles I understand that beatles fans has no hope for new material. He told he's releasing new albums not for collectors but for entertaining common people.

  3. Titenhurst says:

    Only two interesting new facts I learnt; Giles revealed that George Martin spoke to John Lennon before his death in 1980, several years since any last conversations, and asked why he had 'dissed' him in interviews. John's reply was 'Oh, I was high George'
    The Spanish Guitar intro to Bungalow Bill is taken from a Mellotron loop tape.
    The rest was a load of old tosh

  4. mike5103 says:

    About mellotron Lewisohn writes: "On record, the song began with a short Spanish
    acoustic guitar solo, but this was recorded separately and then edited on to the beginning of take three".
    And now Paul say it's mellotron and suggest to use his for better remixing! After sometime people start to repeat myths that never were.
    What is real I do not know.
    Good example is "Take your knickers off" assigned to John joke in Take 20, repeated repeated everywhere.
    But if you sit and listen to the track you will hear it is female voice and full text is
    refering to sound engineer when he delayed Take …
    "Take your knickers off and let's go
    same voice – I'm so happy to be here, so wonderfull …"
    It is clear it is not John, but some guest wooman happy to be invited to studio.
    From all these anniversary issues the most sad thing is continuing "Double standards"
    Again Lewisohn about Helter Skelter – "(Note. During this session, Paul withdrew from the tape library the original 18 July recordings of `Helter Skelter' and made a copy of the longest take — the 27' 11" version — for his own private collection.)
    That's GREAT!!!
    What is needed for Paul, no need for other people.

  5. mike5103 says:

    But in general Super Deluxe discs 4-5-6 are fantastic.
    by the way bringing more questions than before, because previously officialy and not published takes do not match logic.

  6. Ariel C says:

    It is a mellotron sample. A few people showed off that discovery a few years ago using their mellotron and yep, the Spanish guitar sample is there. That part alone was the only entertaining thing seeing how that young man was shocked that it wasn't a fellow Beatle recording the guitar part.

  7. sexyjack says:

    And Giles says he didn't know what the "Esher Demos" were – really!??
    Media bullshit

  8. Titenhurst says:

    I get the impression Giles doesn’t have the passion and love for it as much, say as some of the the fans on this forum. More of an inherited family business to him. I kind of set my expectations high with these custodians of our beloved Beatles music. I guess I have naively assumed they have Lewishohn like knowledge and interest in the material and history.

  9. sexyjack says:

    Miles Kane

    "My mind is on the BRINK"

    His favourite song and can't even get the lyrics right

    I think the advice here is to ignore all these so called experts – they know nothing
    Listen to the music – and I agree that its just a job for Giles, he knows very little

  10. Debjorgo says:

    Wasn't the official source of the Spanish guitar an uncredited EMI library recording.

  11. Edward R says:

    And why do you get that impression? Giles has to satisfy four masters with their own ideas and agendas As fans who play this endlessly and notice every nuance. we want everything released. Yes all 102 takes of not guilty , but that’s not going to happen. Giles has to put this into a framework that satisfies all parties and is commercial and attractive to a wider audience. So I think Giles does a difficult job well.

  12. Titenhurst says:

    And why do you get that impression? – Have you watched the YouTube event video?
    The guy didn't even prep with any facts on total tracks etc. When asked he brushed it it off

  13. mike5103 says:

    And why do you get that impression? – Giles told he's already tired too much with making 156 mixes and now he's leaving 1968 and not returning back. When person tired of his job result is evident.
    Facts prepeared by Mike Carrera instead and thanks to him. Where did he get leakage of full issue before release?
    But Giles continue to humor about collectors – if you want 27 min Heleter Skelter you could play 3 times our prepeared version and be happy!!!
    What you expect after all these?

  14. Titenhurst says:

    If Giles gets to inherit his Dad's job, why can't Julian(with Sean),and Dhani inherit theirs? Paul and and Ringo can let James and Zak take over. The White Album re-recorded by 'sons of'

  15. mike5103 says:

    Nobody need White Album re-recorded by sons, now it is rerelease time and this is a family job of Martins. Giles smiling like a fat cat saying – I'm a priveledged to listen to all tapes of the Beatles. I'm a Beatles curator chosen by the bosses. And what we should do now – Oh our Lord please give us some more outtakes!
    But after re-listening several times to Giles speaking I got and idea that he is not so simple as he want the people think.
    There is a lot of funny things in this youtube event:
    How he say about his bosses – Paul, Ringo and "still alived" Ono.
    Giles always pushing idea of Beatles not start brake up, but actually always say Ringo was out during Dear Prudence Back in the USSR and many others, Paul was out during Revolution. And at the end Giles say Paul told him – Oh I want to hear Julia. Wow where was Paul in 1968 during recording as a "boy band"? Boy band is another smart phrase from Giles.
    He also told that White album was remixed December 2017, but they realised it is full rubbish and need to remade. All remixes were approved by bosses, if not he have no right to show them.

  16. Edward R says:

    Mike 5103 You hear lots of funny things. Giles doesn’t say still alive Yoko , he says Olivia, George’s wife.
    Giles has the job because the four parties trust him and he delivers. As he states in the interview he has to make something that retains the spirit of the original but attracts new listeners. So that’s why there is not 102 versions of Not Guilty or a 27 minute Helier Skelter.
    Flaming Pie criticised people for not knowing how many tracks on the album. Give me Strength. I’ve been listening to Abbey Road for 49 years, have read every book about the Beatles , but if someone asked me how many tracks are on Abbey Road I would need to stop and count them.

    Thanks Giles for the great work you are doing.

  17. Titenhurst says:

    I criticised Giles for not knowing, for attending a YouTube live broadcast without bothering to prepare with basic facts on the subject matter. The 50th anniversary reissue, it's been a long term project that he's been in charge of – and he didn't know how many tracks were on it, not even a approximation.

  18. mike5103 says:

    Edward Russel, thank you for correction, maybe "when you listen late at night" my headphones "are not quite right".
    When writing my post I had a feeling why I'm so grumble with dissatisfaction, life is good and we got a super release of White Album. Actually I recieved 100% what I expect, not less, not more. Thank Giles he done what he could done.
    We are smart people and understand hidden reasons for things to happen and we all hear what people say. When Giles say listen to Helter Skelter twice and you could save your money that insult me.
    But now better listen to NPR Music: Interview with Giles Martin How the Beatles made White Album, God heard us and Martin get out with more info.

  19. Titenhurst says:

    Giles adds little to what he's already said. In his usual style he gives minimal answer to the question from the interviewer, but spouts on his preferred anecdotes, and nearly always giving a lengthy preface before he gets to answer the question. I love the Beatles, and all in the Beatles 'family'and I think Giles has done admirable work. His interview style just irritates the hell out of me. Sorry!

  20. db says:

    I forgot quite how posh Giles is, until he brought up that Pimms anecdote.
    But at least he's upfront about the nepotism.

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