Ringo – What’s My Name

Front of the new Ringo album

The pin Ringo is wearing on the front cover is an official John Lennon pin from the U.S. stamp release from 2018.

Lennon pin

There are a couple of Lennon connections on the album, Ringo-versions of Lennon’s “Grow Old With Me” and a song John used to sing in the Beatles, “Money (That’s what I want)”.

The album will be released on CD, on LP and on a limited edition blue LP.



1. Gotta Get Up To Get Down (R. Starkey – J. Walsh) 4:20

2. It’s Not Love That You Want (R. Starkey – D. Stewart) 3:34

3. Grow Old With Me (J. Lennon) 3:18

4. Magic (R. Starkey – S. Lukather) 4:09

5. Money (That’s What I Want) (B. Gordy – J. Bradford) 2:56

6. Better Days (S. Hollander) 2:49

7. Life Is Good (R. Starkey – G. Burr) 3:11

8. Thank God for Music (R. Starkey – S. Hollander) 3:38

9. Send Love, Spread Peace (R. Starkey – G. Nicholson) 2:58

10. What’s My Name (C. Hay) 3:45

Release date is October 25 and it will become available for pre-ordering very soon. The title track, “What’s My Name” has been released as a (non-physical) single today. It is an uptempo rocker written by Men At Work frontman and All Starr Band member, Colin Hay. It features Steve Lukather and Colin Hay on guitar, Nathan East on bass and Warren Ham on harmonica with Ringo on drums and percussion. The track, and album, were recorded, mixed and edited by Bruce Sugar.

Thanks to Mike Carrera for illustrations and the Lennon pin story.

9 Responses

  1. bob katz says:

    I wish he would stop with the peace sign

  2. Unknown says:

    I'm sure he'll stop when there is peace.

  3. Unknown says:

    I'm rocking

  4. Teddy Salad says:

    "I'm sure he'll stop when there is peace." That's a classic…

  5. Marcelo Ginger says:

    Ringo And his old New Song. The same stuff from around 20 Years. What exactly is peace And love in different contexts? Is good? Is bad? I Love Ringo, but god, the same p&l stuff And songs sounds anacronic.

  6. Debjorgo says:

    Ringo pushes the peace and love thing as a tribute to John Lennon. He said something at one point like, that since John was not here any more, he would take up the Peace and Love chant.

  7. JOSERENATOC says:

    This is our Ringo.

  8. Unknown says:

    Boy, what a band. Each guy in The Beatles had a unique style of vocals, and when they came together… whoa!

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