Ringo’s Photograph book – cheap edition

New edition of Ringo’s book, “Photograph”.

In PHOTOGRAPH, Ringo Starr reveals never-before-seen photographs and mementos from his archives, sharing memories of his childhood, The Beatles and beyond. Ringo’s lens captures his Beatles bandmates in pensive and playful moments, portraying them from the point of view of an insider, friend and skilled photographer.

In an original manuscript of over 15,000 words, join Ringo growing up amidst the excitement of the emerging Merseybeat scene, as he remembers his first car, drum-kits, girls and bands on his ‘road of happy drumming’. From Pwllheli to Delhi, obscurity to superstardom, his travels are recounted with honesty and hilarity.

“I love pictures put together, showing different times of your life, “Ringo said about the book, “At the time, I never thought that there would be a whole book of my photographs.”

The limited edition from Genesis Publications.

PHOTOGRAPH was originally conceived as a limited edition book of only 2,500 copies, which sold out within weeks. A short edition is also available as an e-book from iTunes.

Two years later, Ringo Starr and Genesis Publications announce the ‘Open Edition’ – a more accessible and affordable printing of his book to be released in bookstores this September 2015. The author is donating all royalties to the Lotus Foundation.

The book is available for preordering from Amazon.

4 Responses

  1. Geert says:

    the original book is a beauty 🙂

  2. J. D. says:

    I did a few minutes of Google searching for info about Ringo and Barbara's Lotus Foundation. I found lots of articles about the various proceeds that have gone to The Lotus Foundation. But I can't find any information on what The Lotus Foundation actually does with its money. Their website is a single page with no links and no information. Can anyone point me to information about the foundation's activities?

  3. wogew says:

    I did a little bit of research a while back, and posted it in this post. The Lotus Foundation Charity funds, supports, participates in, and promotes charitable projects aimed at advancing social welfare in diverse areas.

  4. wogew says:

    Also, in an interview prior to Ringo's concert in Norway in 2011, Ringo had this to say about Lotus: The charity supports many projects including those working with addiction, battered women, children, cerebral palsy and cancer.

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