Sgt Pepper anniversary edition revealed

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  1. MikeP says:

    Small samples of course, must say to me the sound is clearer, cleaner, punchier … and without edge – of all things a bit bland. Could be just me.

  2. Real Quaid says:

    Can't access the video on youtube for some reason

  3. Westfield says:

    WOW. Really looking forward to the sessions disc.

  4. Debjorgo says:

    It sounds great. Love it. The level on the Lovely Rita backing vocals is jarring. I hopes it's not there through the whole song. As the last verse rev up, it' be cool.

    I'm down for the six disc deluxe version.

  5. Unknown says:

    Good Lord! I need this ASAP! Super Deluxe Edition please.

  6. Mike N says:

    Super Deluxe Edition and vinyl as well for me! Remixed stereo, sessions and 5.1…June 1st can't get here soon enough

  7. Mike N says:

    Super Deluxe Edition and vinyl as well for me! Remixed stereo, sessions and 5.1…June 1st can't get here soon enough

  8. Jhu262 says:

    2CD version for me thanks! Waiting for the White album deluxe edition I'll do the super deluxe on that one.

  9. Westfield says:

    In my opinion The 2009 remasters were disappointing to say the least. The yellow submarine songtrack has been the most superior release to date and so since then we have been waiting for a remix of the Beatles albums. Finally it seems that this may be coming to fruition and hope this is just the first. To get a 5.1 mix to get two discs of session tapes, I just cannot wait. Will preorder the super deluxe the moment it is available. Cannot wait.

  10. db says:

    far out!

  11. Unknown says:

    Can't wait for Abbey Road in 5.1

  12. Unknown says:

    this release is beginning of all the beginning,, all beatles album will gonna be massive in next releases

  13. Judemac says:

    I pre-ordered the Super Deluxe 6 disc & 2 disc version for my collection.

  14. Inti Santamaría says:

    Shut up and take my money!!

  15. Studio2AbbeyRd says:

    Amazing looking set and I'll probably finish going for the Deluxe 6 pack at £140 smackers.
    Tad disappointed they didn't include SFF and PL onto the Remix LP as they sort of alluded to via the press. (Mr McCartney?) I was looking forward to how the track listing would have worked out. Just have to mock up my own version and throw OANS in the mix from Yellow Sub Songtrack.

  16. Unknown says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Unknown says:

    Amazon Italy have this cheaper than Amazon UK: 98 Euros. Of-course the UK price may fall before release.

  18. Terence Daniel Collier says:

    what a total rip off. £100??? seriously?

  19. Unknown says:

    I hope this is a huge seller so Apple will give other albums the deluxe treatment.

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