Shirley Temple

Still from “Bright Eyes”

Another person from the Sgt Pepper cover has left us with the passing of Shirley Temple yesterday, at 85. The above photo, a still from the “Bright Eyes” movie, was used on the cover. Actually, Shirley was used twice on the cover, because the doll is a vintage Shirley Temple doll.

The doll on the cover

Originally there were three instances of Shirley Temple on the cover, the third image of her was obscured by the Beatles’ wax figures. For a complete guide to the people on the Sgt Pepper’s cover, see this previous posting.

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  1. S e as garotas que erraram says:

    For the 'proto-grunge' fans, Shirley Temple's daughter played bass on the Melvins group. Here's a picture of hers and her mother with the Beatles:

  2. phil overture says:

    Great photo!

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