Some Other Guy – single camera

This in from Alejandro Barranco, an unedited single camera version of Some Other Guy from the Cavern Club, and as a bonus, the rest of the known footage edited to the recent find of Kansas City.

The crude, grainy footage features John Lennon and Paul McCartney singing the song’s melody in unison on Wednesday 22nd August 1962. This is also the first film of Ringo Starr as the Beatles drummer, Pete Best having been discharged the week before.

McCartney stated: “Some Other Guy” is a great song…It really got us started because that’s one of the earliest bits of film of The Beatles. It was the song we sang when Granada Television came to The Cavern. It was also a bit of a muso song…”

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  1. macho says:

    Take 1? It looks like Take 2 (Bob Wooler introduction). Anyway, shots around Cavern still look interesting.

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