The Beatles: Work in progress

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  1. Unknown says:

    both the cd and vinyl versions have been available for pre-order on Amazon since mid September.

  2. Mark says:

    I Want To Hold Your Hand Take 9? Isnt this new to collectors?

  3. kirkenshrir says:

    @Mark, that would depend if it's a whole track or just the false start/ studio chatter we already have… It looks as though they've just cherry-picked whatever they liked out of the Purple Chick set (or equivalent) and made a cd/lp out of it. I guess we'll have to wait and see…

  4. kirkenshrir says:

    From the PC edition, it would look like this…

    1. There's a Place (Take 1)
    2. There's a Place (Take 2)
    3. There's a Place (Take 4)
    4. There's a Place (Take 10)
    5. There's a Place (Take 7) [False start] (39sec)
    6. I Saw Her Standing There (Take 4) [edit piece] (48sec)
    7. I Saw Her Standing There (Take 5) [edit piece] (58sec)
    8. I Saw Her Standing There (Take 6) [False start] (1:16)
    9. There's a Place (Take 11)
    10. I Saw Her Standing There (Take 10)
    11. Misery (Take 2) [False start] (1:04)
    12. Misery (Take 4) [False start] (39sec)
    13. Misery (Take 6)
    14. From Me to You (Take 3)
    15. From Me to You (Take 4)
    16. From Me to You (Take 7)
    17. Thank You Girl (Take 4)
    18. Thank You Girl (Take 11) [edit piece] (30sec)
    19. Thank You Girl (Take 12) [edit piece] (56sec)
    20. From Me to You (Take 8) [edit piece] (19sec)
    21. Hold Me Tight (Take 22) [False start] (1:08)
    22. Hold Me Tight (Take 24)
    23. Hold Me Tight (Take 28) [breakdown] (1:36)
    24. Don't Bother Me (Take 10)
    25. Don't Bother Me (Take 13)
    26. Don't Bother Me (Take 12) [breakdown] (52sec)
    27. I Want to Hold Your Hand (Take 9) [intro] (33sec)

    Total: 42 mins.

    Lots of slates, false starts, edit pieces and breakdowns… But still great stuff if you're not already a collector 🙂

  5. Martin says:

    I hope in 2015 they release the bootleg recordings for Help! and Rubber Soul…

  6. J. D. says:

    Wouldn't laws against selling stolen property apply to these releases?

  7. Adam Smith says:

    There was no theft of any physical property from EMI. Theft of electricity has its own special label in English law: 'abstraction'. In the present case, only copyright law applies, not the criminal law relating to theft.

  8. Judemac says:

    I got this one yesterday, fine collection but if you got the original bootlegs, or not a hardcore collector, I'd pass on it.

  9. Nicola Battista says:

    I don't think these involve "stolen property". And anyway, if there was a "theft", it happened in the 1980s and it is now well outside of time limits for any action, I assume?

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