The US albums on iTunes

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  1. NP says:

    Is that the actual cover of the CD or an iTunes image? Very poor airbrushing there that's not on the original. Very poor.

  2. wogew says:

    From an online shop. Here is a photo of the real CD front cover.

  3. NP says:

    Much better.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting to note changes in what is displayed under 'People Listening Also Bought..'
    At the moment, it's obviously listing lots of other 'legacy' bands and editions but this is not always so.
    During the peak sales period of the iTunes-only 'Tomorrow Never Knows', 'People Listening Also Bought..'
    The Flaming Lips, Blur, Gorillaz…
    (taken from a screen grab)
    These represent two demographic distinctions which are transparently available to Apple and Apple but often overlooked by fans and collectors when they scratch their heads wondering why the reissues don't make sense to THEM 😛

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