This Girl: The Cynthia Lennon Story

Playing in Liverpool during International Beatle Week.

During this year’s International Beatle Week in Liverpool, a multimedia musical theatre piece called “This Girl: The Cynthia Lennon Story” will happen at the Hope Street Theatre in the city. Written, produced and directed by local playwright Mike Howl, “This Girl” tells the true story of Cynthia Powell (10 September 1939 – 1 April 2015) — a shy student from Hoylake who fell in love with a young musician called John when they met at Liverpool Art College in 1957. She became Cynthia Lennon, his wife, and mother of their son, Julian.

The play, which is also a musical featuring original songs, charts the emotional journey of Cynthia’s life before, during and after Beatlemania. It tells the story of a lovely person whose life was full of good times and bad times, but also one peppered with laughter and humour.

Helen Anderson, of Helen Anderson Designs and art school friend of Cynthia, is a consultant on story, casting, costumes and sets for the play. She will also appear as Cynthia’s friend Helen on stage, portrayed by an actress.

Javier Parisi from Argentina has landed the part of John Lennon. The Argentinian is a Lennon lookalike, and have proven this in a series of videos on YouTube. Parisi also portrays John Lennon in the Argentinian Beatles cover band The Brothers, playing the guitar and singing.

This Girl: The Cynthia Lennon Story plays at The Hope Street Theatre in Liverpool during International Beatle Week, from Wednesday 21st to Monday 26th August, with two additional performances at the Adelphi Hotel on Sunday 25th August during the annual Beatle Convention. Tickets: £16.00.

Link to tickets.

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    Javier,llego el gran día!!Que sea con mucho éxito y placer para vos!!Que lo vivas y disfrutes con todo!!Lo mejor para vos,saludos a Sol!!Abrazo enorme!!Abel

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