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Several new film clips will be released to promote the upcoming Beatles 1 and Beatles 1+ products. There are four more chapters about the restoration of the original films, and tomorrow, 20 October a full music video clip will be made available, in high definition. We don’t know which one of the films they have selected, just keep your eyes open. So far, these are the official promotional films made available by Apple Corps Ltd on YouTube:

The 1 Video Collection Trailer

Strawberry Fields Forever Preview – with the new stereo mix of the song.

Penny Lane Split screen – looks like they have now rediscovered the original 35mm film. Previously, they have had to use the Umatic video tape which was broadcast in USA in 1967.

Restoration Trailer

Restoration Part 1 – four more parts to follow.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Roger: the Penny Lane film was indeed discovered – here's a YouTube video posted on June 30, 2015 showing Paul Rutan loading the Penny Lane film into the digital scanner to begin the restoration process. This should be considered one of the early promotional videos for the "1" release along with the briefly posted Ticket to Ride and A Day in the Life promos earlier this year. youtube.com/watch?v=-Pb2Zw0FD9Y

  2. Unknown says:

    What print did Apple use for the Anthology..? I always thought the print of Penny Lane shown in Anthology looked very good with deep, rich colour. Is this version a different print or indeed an improvement..?

  3. Unknown says:

    Look closely and you'll see that the version of Penny Lane in Anthology was sourced from videotape.

  4. Unknown says:

    Oh, OK. Thanks. I'm not up on videotape ect, regarding differences in quality. I assume then that this upcoming release will include the original negatives, or as close as..?

  5. reunionconcert says:

    I think it's "Help".
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  6. James Peet says:

    I was somewhat underwhelmed by the new stereo mix of SFF. Maybe I need to hear it on a hifi at volume to "get it". The picture quality is stunning, however.

  7. Beach Boys Opinion Page says:

    Concerning the "Penny Lane" promo film, it was originally shot on film, and then aired on US TV.

    At some later point, the original film negative for the finished film went missing, and thus Apple had to source a videotape of the TV airing of the film to use in "Anthology" and other EPKs, etc. (Similar to sourcing the "You Can't Do That" outtake from "A Hard Day's Night"). Luckily, at least the "Penny Lane" TV airing survived in color videotape form.

    According to Furmanek, Apple had/has the negatives for all of the trims/outtakes from the "Penny Lane" shoot. They were just missing the actual negative of the finished film.

    Apparently, what they've recently tracked down is not the original negative, but an original (and rather faded) film print (a "positive" so to speak). While not as good as the negative, this can still be scanned in true HD and color corrected and look much better than the old videotape-sourced version.

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