Vinyl sales doubled in the UK

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  1. Geert says:

    Funny, I remember 1991 as absolutely no vinyl available anymore 🙂 It took me years to find an LP of 'Off The Ground'! (OK OK, that's 1992 …)

    • wogew says:

      1991 was McCartney's "Unplugged",Off the ground" was 1993, as was "Paul is live". Had no problems getting all these on vinyl!

  2. James Percival says:

    This is quite topical for me because just before Christmas I decided to buy a complete set of the re-released vinyl albums (including a copy of Sgt Pepper). I decided to do this partly as a collector, but also because my existing set of Beatles vinyl albums is a real mixture, including some of the first albums I ever bought in the late 70s. I would really have loved to have bought the mono box set but there was no way I could justify that amount of money.

    This vinyl revival is one of the biggest head scratchers ever! I am not an audiophile, but I have spent a small fortune on audio equipment over 3 decades including very expensive turntables. I hung on to vinyl for as long as possible and didn't buy my first cd player until 1993, but by then the companies were doing their best to end it: very poor quality pressings including recycled vinyl (I had a copy of Rubber Soul with paper stuck in the grooves); high prices while cd prices were dropping, and then the end of new releases. I was too committed to vinyl ever to get rid of mine, but I would never have predicted this trend. I saw a teenage girl with a copy of Are You Experienced (Hendrix) over Christmas and I just didn't know what to think. But you need a good set up to get the best from vinyl – a real puzzle?

  3. Martin says:

    Plenty of vinyl in Manchester in 91. With Eastern Bloc, Music Junction, and the great Vibes Records in Bury… I recall buying 'Achtung Baby' 'Screamadelica' Jellyfish's 'Bellybutton' and Zep's 'Remasters' on vinyl in 91.

    Just got the five Scott Walker albums on vinyl ('Scott' to 'Till The Band Comes In')
    and they sound great…

  4. Terence Daniel Collier says:

    basically, this list is everything Tesco sells.

  5. James Percival says:

    You're not wrong there, Terence. I decided to buy one a month in the same order I originally bought them between 78 & 79 when it took three weeks paper round money to afford one album. Fopp in Oxford stocks them all. I was doing ok until I realised they are much cheaper in the supermarkets and bang went the plan…
    So far I've seen SgtP, Abbey Road, the White and Rubber Soul stocked by the big two supermarkets.

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