Washington concert available again

Now out through iTunes: The Washington D.C. concert film from 1964.

This went completely under our rader: iTunes have made available as a single download the full “The Beatles Live at The Washington Coliseum, 1964” concert film! The film was originally available as a bonus if you ordered the complete stereo boxed set of Beatles albums through iTunes in 2009, and was also briefly available for free streaming.

Often bootlegged, and especially so following the iTunes stream, there has been no official physical release of this film, but for Apple customers you may now own it as part of your digital library. It was released on May 22 through iTunes, still with a 2009 copyright.

This concert was one of only two performances for a ticket buying audience for The Beatles during their first U.S. visit. Not also a piece of music history, this is also a great concert where especially Ringo Starr’s energetic drumming really drives the band.

Link: Apple.com

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  1. LonglivetheBeatles says:

    It's a great release, When the mono & stereo box sets came out I purchased those , so I wasn't about to purchase the whole set again on iTunes just to be able to get the Washington Coliseum concert, but now that it's a stand alone item, I've purchased it from iTunes and am very satisfied with it, Now if they would only release "The Beatles Live At Shea Stadium" as a digital download, I'm sure fans would scoop it up in a heartbeat, I know I would !!!

  2. Casperius says:

    Is it limited to only some regions? Can’t find it on Swedish iTunes and when I click the link in this post I get the “not available in your region “ message…

  3. Tom D says:

    And it's only $1.49 in the U.S. store.

  4. J. D. Mack says:

    The information screen on iTunes shows that this video is 552 MB. However, the file that downloads is about 1.3 GB. Perhaps this is a higher quality file then the one that was made available is 2009.

  5. James Peet says:

    IIRC, during the Anthology series, they played a clip of the Washington concert, and then there was a noticeably better quality clip shown. The image was sharper, with less "fog", and the sound felt clearer. There was also a colour snippet shown.

    I wish Apple/Universal et al would understand that there are fans of the Beatles who are quite happy to have as much footage available, in full and without messing about editing things, as they did a bit on the Anthology cds, with "solos flown in" to various takes.

    This concert is wonderful.

  6. bob katz says:

    You can watch the whole concert for free all day long on you tube.

  7. The Butobi Brothers says:

    IMO, this is the best live concert video of the Beatles. The energy from the Beatles and the audience is off the charts.

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