Ringo about the new Let It Be era documentary

Sir Peter Jackson is working on a new movie based around The Beatles’ final album, Let It Be.

The as-yet-untitled film will draw on 55 hours of never-released footage of the band in the studio, and some 140 hours of recorded sound, all the material filmed and recorded between January 2 and January 31, 1969.

The Beatles Channel on Sirius XM recently published a Facebook video where Ringo Starr talks a bit about the old film as well as the upcoming one. He has been shown excerpts via Jackson’s iPad, and says that the new film will be a more upbeat film. He claims that filmmaker Michael Lindsay-Hogg made the film more downbeat by focusing on small moments of irritation rather that the mostly happy days of filming. “Prior to us doing that [the rooftop concert], we’re all hanging out, and it’s a lot of fun, lot of humour, and not like the one that came out.”

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  1. Beatlebug says:

    And the other day Ringo let slip, possibly deliberately, that the Abbey Road reissue is on 26 September.

  2. wardo says:

    My favorite part: "Which he's in quite a lot, too…"

  3. Titenhurst says:

    All four were never comfortable with the documentary part of LIB showing the cracks, that's why there was never a official DVD release

  4. marc says:

    Let it be by Hogg is a magnificent film,the first scene with Paul at the piano is sublime,it's magical as the scenes of "two of us" "let it be" "the long and winding road" the light is incredible it looks like a film by Michael Powell and what about the concert on the roof!!!
    Of course we're all going to be happy to discover new scenes with Peter Jackson but there's a magical atmosphere in the original movie.

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