Win a signed print of Ringo Starr

An ongoing raffle for Comic Relief. 


I was just on your website and I thought you and your visitors would be interested in our new prize draw this month! We have an amazing prize of a limited edition print of Ringo Starr by the photographer Andy Gotts MBE, and it is co-signed by Ringo himself. As Ringo stopped giving out signatures in 2008, this is a genuinely unique photograph.  

It is only £5 to enter and all the money goes towards supporting the most vulnerable people all over the world and in the UK. You can enter here.

I would be so grateful if you would promote this competition on your social media and website. It is a really excellent prize and for a fantastic cause.

Feel free to send any questions my way!

Many thanks and best wishes,

Caitlyn Lindsay

Consider it done, Caitlyn!

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