Yellow Submarine website

Apple has launched a new Yellow Submarine Website as a promotional tool for the new release of the film for the home video market. As of the time of writing. all there is, is the option to sign up for their mailing list, a drawing and the trailer for the film. We still remember the great flash-based animated Yellow Submarine website that Capitol records set up to promote the Songtracks CD the last time around (1999).

  You can still see remnants of it over at the Internet Archive Waybackmachine.

1987 VHS cassette

There were originally two different versions of the “Yellow Submarine” film, one without the song “Hey Bulldog” (due to time constraints), mainly shown on American theatres, and a later one with that scene inserted (more common in Europe). When the film was first released for the home video market on video and laser disc in 1987, the first cut,the one without “Hey Bulldog” was used. One of the selling points of the 1999 release was that this song was now included. However, this came at a cost. For continuity’s sake, a few scenes had to be cut in order for “Hey Bulldog” to be a natural part of the film’s flow. Now, there’s no problem including both versions on a DVD or Blu-ray release, allowing fans to choose which version they want to watch. All you need is both sets of “extra footage” and have two versions of the timeline to select from. All that’s needed, is that the person who authors the DVD is aware of these discrepencies. Over at Youtube, a fan has coupled together what he reckons is the best of both versions:

Two of the “new” songs from the film, “All Together Now”/”Hey Bulldog” was a 1972 45 rpm single in a number of countries.

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