Abandoned 3D Submarine

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  1. Blakey says:

    The animated Beatles look passable, but that Blue Meanie looks awful, nightmarish. It has none of the original’s charm and magic. Glad it wasn’t made.

  2. T J Mailer says:

    It all looks unauthentic, cheap and unappealing…not in the spirit of the Beatles. Almost as discomforting like a bad Beatles tribute band. Wonder what JOL would have thought 🙂 ?

  3. rick says:

    I’ve never seen nor heard any thing about this before. All look very weird. The original is better looking.

  4. Hailey says:

    a series of storyboards for the film were also found!

  5. MK says:

    Phew. Lucky miss. Although I’m a big Zemeckis fan as well as a Sub fan, this was one cancellation that saved both from a tragic mis-step. Good to see the footage though as it kills off my suspicion it might have been great ;P

  6. mpb says:

    poof!– all links gone already.

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