The 1964 Washington DC concert

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  1. Rob Geurtsen says:

    The marketing question to be explored is why would the market want this? What is the reason for the demand? Enjoying good quality Beatles’ mania or are the people really interested in the musical aspects of the release, and if so, will it satisfy demand or will it be a disappointment to the audience. Anyone who has a musical ear and knowledge to evaluate The Beatles’ live-performances will be able to discuss the musicality of the live-performances…

    • Fiendish Thingy says:

      The Washington DC concert is the best film of a Beatles concert, period. better than Shea, which was dubbed/sweetened in the studio. Better than Melbourne, which is incomplete.

  2. John Whapshott says:

    I have a video tape of the concert. I don’t know where it comes from – I borrowed it from a friend many years ago and I haven’t given it back yet… But it’s a great concert!

  3. mpb says:

    many thanks for this!!

  4. Gary Fulton says:

    I had a copy of this many years ago on video tape, borrowed it to a friend and he has never given it me back, great show though from what I can remember! 🙂

  5. hotspur62 says:

    hey Gary meet John….he’s got your tape

  6. Dan says:

    Hope Apple puts this out soon. 12 great songs in the concert. Historic footage of Beatlemania!

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