Bootleg DVDs and Blu-rays of the Get Back series

3-disc blu-ray edition by Fab! Productions

Beatles fans hesitant to purchase Disney+ subscriptions are eagerly awaiting word of an official release of Peter Jackson’s acclaimed “Get Back” series with the Beatles.

Meanwhile, bootleggers or pirates are happily supplying this market. Fab! Productions were among the first to supply their products to this market segment.

They are supplying their products to their customers both as physical discs (DVDs and blu-rays) or as downloadable image files, so that the discs can be burned by the customers themselves. The blu-ray is in better picture quality than the DVD and both editions are in 5.1 Audio surround sound.

Extras menu on one of the pirated releases

There are 1, 2 and 3 disc editions from various sellers out there, in various sound and picture qualities, we are informed.

One player in the market is labeling their product “Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment”, but is clearly also just another bootlegger. This is just a 1-disc blu-ray.

1-disc edition

Included in their $29.99 offer is also Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s original “Let It Be” film, but most likely in a much inferior quality to the one that has lately been restored by Apple for possible future release.

1080 p High definition and 5.1. Dolby Digital surround sound, according to the information on the back cover.

Then there are people tech savvy enough to be able to download the video files themselves from the Disney+ app and burn their own physical discs. Artistic Beatles fans are conjuring up covers for printing their own inlay cards for these boxes.

Printable covers for those who are making their own discs.

We have not purchased or tested these products ourselves, so we are unable to comment of quality and of course, where to purchase these illegally produced blu-rays. Our advice: Wait for an official release.

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  1. Rick says:

    Any word on when there might be a official release? And at what cost?

      • Rick says:

        Hopefully Disney won’t be involved with this

        • Win Cor says:

          Hopefully they will 😉 Because so far it’s the best Beatle product since 1996

        • Matt says:

          What did Disney do wrong with this release?

          • admin says:

            They released it only as a stream on their Disney+ streaming service and not on a DVD/blu-ray?

          • G.D. Wilde says:

            From what I’ve heard, they spoiled the contents of the Let It Be deluxe box by demanding exclusivity of the sound material of ‘their’ documentary. Apple’s biggest mistake ever to sell these rights. Except that it probably made them a lot of money

          • Rick says:

            Just don’t like the fact that people had to pay them so that they could see it

          • Shad+Radna says:

            If it had been released to cinemas (which would also have happened before anyone could buy it on DVD/Blu ray) people would have had to pay (more) to watch it, and a chunk of that money would have been going to Disney, just as (only) a chunk of this money is going to Disney. What’s the difference?

          • G.D. Wilde says:

            “What’s the difference?” – Imagine going to see a film, and you’re only let in if you pay for a membership to the cinema building. Or if you bought a Beatles LP back in the day, but first you have to register with EMI. Beatles product is being withheld in order to sell an unrelated service. That is a huge difference! Not in price, as you might argue, but in principle.

        • RSTVMOR says:

          Feelings…. nothing more than feelings….

    • Nørd says:

      In the first part of Peter Jackson’s interview with the «Something About The Beatles» podcast, he states that there’ll «definitely» be a physical release in 2022.

      Jackson also revealed that there will NOT be a «Director’s Cut» edition (even though he has an 18 hour version ready for release). Jackson was keen, but Disney argued that «people don’t care about Director’s Cut editions», which is why Jackson – at the last minute – expanded the series from six to almost eight hours.

  2. PHIL says:

    The Japanese label SGT/DAP will do a good job if they decide to release it.

  3. G.D. Wilde says:

    Meanwhile, Youtube is flooded with small snippets. Which, to be honest, may be a better way to digest this mammoth of new information!

    • D. Thomas says:

      “That is a huge difference! Not in price, as you might argue, but in principle” – Really? What principle? Your analogies are flawed. It’s a difference in delivery method, nothing else. The closest real analogy is the difference between buying an album or streaming it. If you want to boycott Disney, that’s your right – have fun; but there is no “principle” involved here.

      • Rick says:

        To all of you people giving me a hard time about wanted to have seen this in the movie theaters I would just have like to have seen it up on the big screen not on the small TV screen. That’s just me though but if you people didn’t mind seeing that way then GOOD! Happy Holidays Beatle People

      • G.D. Wilde says:

        the principle of equal distribution. replaced by a system of membership (aka the principle of privileges). No alarm bells? Unfortunatley not, I guess.

  4. Bob says:

    These releases have and will always be there! Especially when there are lengthy gaps for the release.

  5. Joe says:

    Thanks Roger … I’am the “Artistic Beatles fans are conjuring up covers for printing their own inlay cards for these boxes” Love to see my cover here …

  6. Roger L says:

    One can complain about where your money goes, but paying a monthly fee to a streaming service for content you’re interested in isn’t the worst moral quandary. Apple signed a streaming deal with a very popular service in order to get this to as many people as possible as well as get an 8-hour version to us, something that never would have been possible theatrically. I can’t imagine this won’t end up on blu-ray/ dvd (legally) by the end of next year – Apple (the music co) seldom leaves behind their legacy customers (all the old fans who may not do streaming) unlike Apple (the computer co) who often do (no optical drives, no headphone jacks, etc). Be happy this exists, be secure in the knowledge Apple made a nice piece of cash on this, and Disney is just trying to expand their offerings for people like us.

    • kozmo says:

      That is a sensible and well-stated post. I want to see this come out on home video/DVD because I don’t have the capacity to stream video and I also want to own a physical copy I can watch as often and whenever I want. Just like a record album. Not some “rental” that can disappear at will of someone else controlling access.

      I don’t have much concern over who gets the money as long as the product is made available. I’ll be looking at underground offerings if the commercial release is delayed too long, because I want it NOW!

  7. James Malthaner says:

    Dont care will buy DVD’s from Disney if they release them

  8. Jonny Rhythm says:

    I’m with G.D. Wilde on this. There is a principle at stake here that apparently a lot of people don’t see. Or care about, perhaps. I was irked about this when the Disney+ arrangement was announced in June and I haven’t mellowed since then. I might almost be sufficiently moved to buy a bootleg DVD off eBay, just to thumb my nose at the House of Mouse.

    • William Campbell says:

      Shades of Allen Klein: The Beatles letting someone else control their content. The Let It Be box set suffered because of it, just like the original album did.

  9. Roger L says:

    It’s likely Apple licensed the show to Disney+ to stream, and for a specific period of time. Not to release on DVD/blu-ray which I would think Apple would be interested in controlling?

    • Ron Nasty says:

      Apple haven’t licensed it to Disney, Disney are on board as one of the producers along with Apple and Wingnut Films (Jackson’s production company).

      • Roger L says:

        Hi Ron, Jackson said he’s been working on this for 4 years, intended as a film until late last year. It turned into an extended piece for streaming rather late in the game (late last year and into this one) with the added funds Disney offered. I don’t think Apple would ever give this to them, only license for a limited time. My guess based on how well the Beatles control their stuff. Whomever puts this out on blu-ray next year, I’ll pay them.

        • Ron Nasty says:

          Disney were announced as having secured the worldwide distribution rights in March 2020, Roger L, long before the switch to it being streamed. Had we ended up with a cinema film, it would have been released as a Walt Disney Pictures film by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The switch from cinema to streaming had little to do with Disney coming on board. Whatever happened, it was always going to be released by Disney as a Disney-badged release. It is not a limited time license.
          The exclusivity on the audio, which saw the Rooftop concert in full being left off the Let It Be deluxe, I would think is time-limited, and offers hope that there may be a soundtrack released at some time, but the series will always be a Disney release.

          • Roger L says:

            Hi, Ron, thanks for that detail – clearly the go-to-streaming was a decision based on Disney’s sudden interest in new streaming content after the film had been delayed (and made an 8-hour version possible). So the blu-ray/dvd is still likely I’d think, but the windows and exclusive platforms are, as always with Apple, being carefully controlled.

  10. Tammi-Louise says:

    Not sure why one would BUY bootlegs of Get Back, when they are freely available (1080p x265 5.1 mkv files).

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