Let It Be…Naked – a Beatles album for the “1” generation

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  1. diboland says:

    the record comes again on Vinyl on ebay kleinanzeigen here in germany

  2. Dave F says:

    I of course have all of the released versions LIB 2009 and Naked. I liked the versions of Naked, but missed the “chatter” and Maggie Mae/Dig It from the original! So I made my own version melding the two together. The original track order of LIB with link chats, and with Maggie Mae and Dig It added, but using the Naked versions of the duplicate songs.

    My favorite version!

  3. Tony Littman says:

    I disagree about the solo they used in Let It Be – it’s inferior to the the version used on the original single and spoils an otherwise excellent mix. I have created my own mix by editing in the single solo.

  4. James Percival says:

    Why things are cool or lame, as George once put it, is the stuff of mystery. But it’s fair to speculate that it was just the downswell after an incredible decade that began with the BBC and ended with the massive selling 1 and had the immense Anthology project in the middle. Macca certainly caught the crosswinds in the early noughties.

    Apart from possibly the worst album cover ever, and an association with H*****r he would rather now forget about, I thought Driving Rain was a good record. Yet it didn’t sell and got a lot of bad reviews. Chaos and Creation is now rightly seen as a good/great album, but again not seen that way at the time.
    Now Macca is suddenly ‘cool’ again and everything he does is lauded. Yet is anyone seriously going to claim that Egypt Station and McCartney III are that good? By the way, I like them, but I don’t think they compare to his best work.

    As for LIB Naked. In one sense a real triumph by people who knew what they were doing and largely made the recordings sound better. And yet… if it makes sense I think they lost a bit of the ‘romance’ of the original release. I would have preferred the inclusion of the Get Back coda as in the single; I think the third guitar solo on Let it Be is the weakest and like Tony I would have preferred either the single or the original album release versions; I would have liked a longer version of Dig It. I think the strings add something to both Across the Universe and The Long and Winding Road (and fans did have the ‘clean’ version on Anthology 3), particularly the former which was never really completed to Lennon’s satisfaction, as noted in the original post. Also, the cover wasn’t that enticing either.

    I suspect whatever is released later this year some fans will be disappointed, but I would like a remixed and enhanced version of the original release since we have the Naked version.

    Just a my thoughts!

  5. PG says:

    It’s a dull correctIon but I think I read in ‘Inside Yellow Submarine’ that the animated film fulfilled the three picture deal. The UA contract to distribute ‘Let it be’ was set up by Allen Klein because the film was without a lucrative revenue stream.

    • admin says:

      Well, from what we heard back in the seventies/eighties, The Beatles thought that “Yellow Submarine” freed them from the 3 picture contract, but United Artists disputed that.

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