Finding Claudio

Finding Claudio Trailer (2021)

On a summers day in May 1971, a homeless man was found on the grounds of John Lennon’s Ascot home while the Beatle was recording his 2nd solo album Imagine.

This ordinary man had travelled 5,000 miles to ask his idol an extraordinary question. Lennon was advised to call the police but he didn’t, he wanted to meet the guy.

During the conversation on the steps of Lennon’s mansion, the man seemed confused as Lennon explained that the songs he wrote weren’t penned specifically for him. The conversation ended and Lennon invited the man in for breakfast.

What brought this man this point and how did this chance encounter affect the rest of his life?

Little is known about the man but much is said. Some people say his name was Curt, some say, Cesare, some say he was a battle-scarred Vietnam vet, others that he was a straight-A student that dropped out of society and took too much LSD.

Did he have another encounter with Lennon years, later on, am American chat show?

Some say he died in a plane crash almost a year to the day that Lennon was killed, others say he’s alive and well…but what is the truth about the man?

This is the story about one man’s quest for meaning, what brought him to that moment and where it would lead him.
His name was Curtis Claudio, this is his story.

This project is still in development. It intends to tell the definitive story of Curtis Cesare Claudio.


6 Responses

  1. vern gibbons says:

    next is lennon’s milkman’s story. or is he the eggman?

  2. Artichoke Jake says:

    So its about a dazed out stalker who was probably in to far too deep and who Lennon was far too understanding with……he was lucky the guy wasn’t dangerous that time.

  3. Rich Cornock says:

    Bit of a stretch to make a film about him. Plenty of oddballs met Lennon but it’s only because there footage that some thinks the can make a film about him. I can hear the John Lennon barrel being well and truly scraped

  4. Danny Jones says:

    I’ve always wanted to know more information about this guy and look forward to the documentary. Always good to see new angles and insights on the beatle story.

    pity the trailer was taken down though 🙁

  5. Blakey says:

    I agree with Rich. A film about this man? For crying out loud. Who cares who he is? I dare say John and the other Beatles found these cranks an immense annoyance. Idiots who read into lyrics and ask never ending ridiculous and intrusive questions. It was probably different because it was caught on camera, and I wonder how many more of these oddballs were shown the door at Tittenhurst. Put it this way, if this guy had travelled that distance and mithered a female star on her doorstep, he’d be labeled a pest and a stalker. And that’s what he was.

  6. Hillard says:

    He’s in the audience asking John And Yoko a question during one of those chat shows they did around that time.

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