First review of McCartney III

Illustration: Mark Ulriksen.

Some music reviewers are more privileged than others, and here is the first review of Paul McCartney’s upcoming album, «McCartney III». It was in print in the U.S. magazine Rolling Stone, and reviewer Rob Sheffield gave the album four out of five available stars, calling it a «laid back gem». The photo of the review should be legible if you click on it to enlarge. Image courtesy of the Facebook group for the “When They Was Fab” podcast.

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6 Responses

  1. Sandra R Novia says:

    Love this idea

  2. Juan says:

    Roger, any news of a single before release or is everything being saved for the release?
    I haven’t been excited for a McCartney record since Chaos and Creation.

    • Roland says:

      Yep, a good old 45 would be appreciated, in black and white for a change, I mean black vinyle and white label. As for me nothing post Linda has excited me.

  3. What is the point of reviewing an album that won’t even be released until six weeks later? Bragging rights?

  4. Roland says:

    Obviously the RAM had babies !
    That was a great one !
    but could we also expect little piggies ?

  5. Dulchinea says:

    Very interesting to hear it described this way, because the little bit of music heard in the social media posts sounded to me more electronic like McCartney II than acoustic like McCartney I.

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