Lennon product to be announced

Word got to us that a new John Lennon release will be out to celebrate 80 years since he was born. John Lennon was born on October 9th, 1940, and a book about the Plastic Ono Band recording sessions is the one item announced so far. 

What we would really like to see though, is this: In 2013, producer Jack Douglas announced that he was undertaking a project, commissioned by Yoko, to get the “One to One” concerts up to modern standards, including re-examining the footage filmed of both the matiné and evening concerts, bringing a coherent ultimate John and Yoko concert experience to life in 5.1 surround sound. Footage earlier deemed unusable for the 1985 video cassette/laser disc releases has now been improved enough by new techniques to be slated for inclusion. Apparently, Douglas finished the project some time ago, but no publication date has been announced. Perhaps the 80th anniversary of John Lennon’s birth will be a good occasion to release a DVD/Blu-ray from the concerts?

I know, we also blogged about this five years ago, when the 75th anniversary was imminent. But this is the one Lennon project we are most interested in coming to fruition.

Meanwhile, the initial ABC Special from 1972 has been brushed up and shown on TV around the world. Here is the rather amusing commercial from when French channel Arte promoted their airing of it in 2017.

But I guess we’ll probably be disappointed yet again, and just get another greatest hits compilation.

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9 Responses

  1. AD says:

    I think it will likely be a Plastic Ono Band release, given that a book on the same topic has been announced.

  2. wardo says:

    An expanded POB would be nice; there’s always 2022 for the 50th anniversary of the One-to-One shows. Which I’d prefer to an expanded Some Time In New York City (shudder)

  3. Tony Littman says:

    I have always found the One to One concert hugely disappointing, the band sound weak and John well past his peak. Oh, that rhymes.

  4. G.D. Wilde says:

    I gather this is purely specualtion? Or am I missing something? Trouble is I’m beginning to see this announced as a fact round Facebook, whereas I thought this was just wishful thinking – or, if you like, an educated guess?

  5. Paul says:

    That clip looked quite good. Just can’t believe this is not out yet on DVD and Bluray. It can’t be far away.

  6. Blakey says:

    I do hope it’s a 2020 ‘ultimate mix’ of Instant Karma.

  7. Blakey says:

    Thank God something is coming out this year. And at least Yoko doesn’t have to ask Disney’s permission to put John’s stuff out. Why the hell did Apple let Mickey Mouse’s mob get a hold of Jackson’s film? Apple/UMG could easily have done it themselves.

    • Paul says:

      I think The Beatles and Apple/UMG wants the Peter Jackson film to be an event, and you can’t do that succesfully in the social distancing times we now are in. Hopefully next year things will improve on that front, and we will get the film, the original Let it Be and a box set of audio and outtakes but if covid-19 is still prevalent, they may just have to put the Jackson thing to home video and release the other stuff too. Time will tell.

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