John Lennon Live in New York City

“Live in New York City” is a concert recording of selections from the 1972 “One to One” concerts in Madison Square Garden.

John Lennon’s posthumously released “Live in New York City” album from 1986 has seen a revival lately, without having been re-released on a physical disc or having received the “ultimate mix” treatment.

In addition to selling physical items, Amazon also sells mp3 downloads and offers streaming services through Amazon Music. Now, the service has started streaming John Lennon’s 1986 album, “Live in New York City,” an album that was released posthumously and has not been subject to reissues or remixes. Something is odd about this. As the icon image for the release, Amazon Music has used an image of the front page of a very worn copy of the booklet from the original CD.

Amazon’s icon for the release.

Link to the album in Amazon Music.

Amazon Music gives a release date for the album as 25 January 2022. What gives? We know that producer Jack Douglas remixed both the album as well as the concert film years ago, as well as making a new cut of the latter. One can only hope that a release is due soon.

After all, the “Some Time in New York City” was readied for an anniversary release in an ultimate mix last year, but was withdrawn from the release plans. And we have mentioned that we were hoping that the new “Live in New York City” concert film would be part of the “Some Time in New York City” plans.

Screen shot from Amazon Music.

And as if that wasn’t enough, three days ago, the official John Lennon channel on YouTube posted the same content as a playlist, i.e. only sound and still image – the same tired scanned image of the booklet from the 1986 CD. Provided to YouTube by Parlophone and Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  1. David says:

    Weird. So they are streaming the original mix on YouTube with that awful gated snare drum? If the apparent nixing of the STINYC box was anything to do with sanitising the Lennon brand and not giving any more prominence WITNOTW then it’s still part of this live setlist.

    Anyway, I hope we get both concerts properly mixed and a decent hi-def video release.

  2. John Kaelin says:

    Why was “Some Time in New York City” withdrawn? I was looking forward to it.

  3. Arno Guzek says:

    The other day Sean Lennon was on Sirius in US and talked about Yoko turning 90. He mentioned that he and Paul Hicks had mixed Angela for the Sometime album. So at least some work has been done last year on the project.

    • Paul says:

      I have to think Sean was referencing Angela as being remixed for the Gimme Some Truth package in 2020. I bet all the remixes are done for an Ultimate Sometime in New York City, but when it will see the light of day is anyone’s guess.

  4. Rickenbacker325 says:

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why Some Time In NYC got shelved…in today’s “woke” age everyone walks on eggshells..20-30 years ago it was considered “cool” and “provocative” to have a song with the “N” word in it

  5. frank Male Blagdan says:

    I was at the evening show.What this is is an afternoon show.The only part of the evening show is hound dog and give peace a chance.Yes the snare drum was in the real show too as I remember.The only officially release from the night show is come together.John ends the song with the words stop the war… Vietnam reference..

  6. Armand V Gallanosa says:

    Woman is the nigger of the world IS the reason.. libtards and SJWs would crucify and cancel lennon 😂😄

    • Eric Michael Lethbridge-Shade says:

      seriously, you’re going to go that route…don’t blame me on the backlash you’re about to get for that one.

    • Rain Dog says:

      According to you, that would also make Lennon a “libtard.” Good grief.

  7. Danny says:

    Woman is the N of the world was a provocative “instant” track. Hardly an attempt at a timeless classic. It’s only right that the Lennon estate should take their time and make sure it is presented in the correct way. The last thing Lennon was trying to do was to upset good people – if anything it was a “Woke” song of its day. They will be sensitive to how it can be interpreted and ensure that, if anyone, then only its intended target is offended – ie bigots, dinosaurs, “Karens” & “gammons”.

  8. Win Corr says:

    Live in NYC should be a Box Set…Containing all John Lennon Live Music ever played in NYC. Remixed and Remastered with bonus tracks and new remixed video. With a Documentary.

  9. Dan says:

    It’s disappeared.

  10. John Kaelin says:

    Another thought: One wonders if the re-release by Frank Zappa in a massive box set of the some of the same material appearing on STINYC had anything to do with the decision to hold off at this point.

  11. Stoneburner says:

    SINYC practically killed Lennon’s career in the 70s so why would they release it in deluxe form now? If anything it needs shrinking for instance by taking off the hilariously terrible Yoko tracks. And Luck of the Irish where they see no irony in a Japanese woman warbling about war crimes.

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