Let It Be screening

Paul and Linda kissing in the corner

A rough cut of the “Let It Be” movie was screened for The Beatles on 20 July, 1969. Director Michael Lindsay-Hogg recalled that it was about an hour longer than the released version.

All four Beatles were present, John with Yoko, Paul with Linda, George with Pattie and his parents. These photos from the screening were taken by Yoko with her own camera, and someone – Linda most likely – helped her take one with her and John.

The camera with the film inside was subsequently stolen from Yoko by some Apple scruffs, who had the photos developed and shared them amongst themselves for years. Eventually, many years later, one of them sold the photos to a British tabloid newspaper. The film roll also contained private photos and photos Yoko had taken from her bed in the studio of the band working on “Abbey Road”.

Rumour is that Paul, George and Ringo thought that there was too much of John&Yoko in this version of the movie, so Lindsay-Hogg edited the film down to 80 minutes.

Yesterday, a 100 minute version of “The Beatles – Get Back” was screened privately in Los Angeles as part of Stella McCartney’s new “Get Back” clothes collection. Attending were Olivia Harrison and the two Lennons, Julian and Sean, but mysteriously no mention of Ringo Starr and his wife, Barbara Bach. We have been informed that the 100 minute previews vary, and usually contain extracts from two of the 23 days of filming.

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  1. Sam G says:

    Don’t look too happy, do they? ‘Spect they quickly forgot about this and all went home to see the moon landing!
    Fascinating pics, thanks.

  2. Rick says:

    I just went to Stella’s website to see how expensive the products are. The cheapest is a scarf and a bucket hat for around $325 and the most expensive is $2,0000 for some sort of jacket. Who amongst us could afford any of them?

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