Ringo gets back to the Star Club in new song

Ian Hunter releases a new album with many famous contributors.

Ringo Starr is the drummer on a new single, “Bed of roses”, from Ian Hunters’ new album, “Defiance Part 1”.

The song is about the Star Club in Hamburg, and both Roy Young and Tony Sheridan are mentioned. Ian Hunter talks about the song in this YouTube clip.

Among the other contributors to the album we find the recently deceased Jeff Beck.

1. Defiance (feat. Robert Trujillo & Slash)
2. Bed Of Roses (feat. Ringo Starr & Mike Campbell)
3. No Hard Feelings (feat. Johnny Depp & Jeff Beck)
4. Pavlov’s Dog (feat. Dean DeLeo, Robert De Leo & Eric Kretz)
5. Don’t Tread On Me (feat. Todd Rundgren)
6. Guernica (feat. Mike Campbell & Joe Elliott)
7. Angel (feat. Taylor Hawkins, Duff McKagan & Brad Whitford)
8. Kiss N’ Make Up (feat. Taylor Hawkins, Billy Bob Thornton & Billy F Gibbons)
9. This Is What I’m Here For (feat. Taylor Hawkins, Joe Elliott & Waddy Wachtel)
10. I Hate Hate (Alternate Version) (feat. Dennis DiBrizzi & Jeff Tweedy)

Link: IanHunter.com

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  1. David says:

    More hooks than you can shake a stick at! Awesome song. Rarely do I fall for a track so immediately. Reminds me of the kind of feeling I got from Billy Joel’s “All About Soul” when I first heard it. Ringo plays with so much energy! “Silver Bugs” was funny – “Beatles” wouldn’t have scanned… I’ll buy this album. I love Mott the Hoople but haven’t paid any attention to Ian Hunter’s solo stuff. A friend brought his daughter to my house once and she looked *exactly* like him!

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