Run of the mill

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  1. Mr Marks says:

    Oww! Gorgeous. Never heard this one in none of the bootlegs that i have. Astonishing! I can wait for more

  2. Mr Marks says:

    I hope that the super ultra ubber deluxe version comes with more out takes, because looking at the track list, it doesn’t look like there are enough. Good for the early demos and first takes, but I’m missing another couple of discs of alternate versions etc..

  3. rick says:

    Sorry but all of these out takes,alternate,ect.,ect.,ect. that seem to be all the rage are just a little too much. I’ll stick with the original recordings. Surely George’s estate certainly don’t need the money. Talk about living in the material world.

  4. dodl says:

    This is WHY I purchase these deluxe versions. I need the bonus stuff. I’ve listened to the original releases to death… to the point that I don’t hear them anymore. I love the songs, but adore the different versions. To be able to hear the same songs again, from a different point of view.
    I don’t know if I’m making sense. The more outtakes, the better!

  5. angel says:

    what is the track listing for the 3 cd edition ?

  6. mpb says:

    no “i live for you” with pete drake?

  7. Blakey says:

    I would eventually love to see a Living In The Material World deluxe set,

  8. johny says:

    are this lirycs to Paul breaking the beatles??

  9. Beatle Dave says:

    Can someone please justify the cost of the ‘Uber Box’ set! Are serious fans being ripped off! Personally and with great sadness I think the cost is disgraceful! Many serious collectors simply won’t be able to afford this limited box set, what a shame. I don’t think George would approve. I expect its the marketing people who are really to blame. Same with Paul and the rather poor ‘Egypt Suitcase’, I got one and its not really worth it! Sorry to moan folks. I agree we all want more outtakes please and I don;t think there are enough in this ATMP issue. We want more from Paul too in his reissues. What Yoko does for John is stupendous, more please.

  10. Mr Marks says:

    As excited as I am, I have been revisiting my 5 disc bootleg The art of dying and the 6 disc All things must pass by Mr Claudell, and I’m sorry to say that it is blindingly clear that this new selection, as improved as the sound might be, will only be a poor relative to those two essential boots. Why couldn’t they have just reissued a remixed album on its own ,for the general public, and then issue a stripped de-spectorised version with a sequencing of all of the outtakes available for the serious fan? I would have bought both. Instead, all we have is that stupid shoebox, loads of pretty pictures and a few outtakes that in no way represent the sessions as they should and could. Come on!

  11. Mark says:

    This outtake is simply fantastic!!

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