Ringo’s new song

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  1. John Kaelin says:

    The single is great and has a Time Takes Time vibe.

  2. DukeViking says:

    Sorry but this song is trash – these EPs have been robo-Ringo autotune and the music is as a vanilla as grocery store elevator music. This song structure/tone/vibe has been done MANY time over (see EP1 & EP2). I jumped off the Ringo studio train after his last full-length album in 2019. These EP’s are financial ploys to charger $20 for an LP of 4 songs instead 10-12. He can record albums in stages (like an EP) but maybe should hold off til he has the an LP amount. These songs just seem to be AI Ringo on auto-pilot. Please make up with Mark Hudson or get a real producer instead of the button pusher at the console; Bruce Sugar.

  3. DONALD E BJORGO says:

    I don’t hear any autotune. I only paid $11.29 for Change the World. But that was $18.32 after shipping and tax. Times are tougher now than in August though. I may have to hold out and hope for a full length-er.

  4. Mike jingle says:

    Total crap, give it up Ringo!

  5. Rickenbacker325 says:

    Even more autotuned Ringo…just what we needed

  6. Filipe says:

    Once again, Ringo doing the same type of song over and over again. But if it makes him happy, that’s what matters, and nevertheless it is a new song from one of our idols.

  7. Tony Littman says:

    I can’t really put my finger on why I find this soooo boring. Is it because it sounds like so many other Ringo songs? Is it because the production is bland, generic rock? Is it the uninspired vocals/lyrics/arrangement? I’m wondering in what era I would have thought this was great – maybe in the early 70s?
    I actually think, at this stage in his career, the best thing Ringo could do would be another “Sentimental Journey” type album, or maybe another “Beaucoups Of Blues”, just anything other than this dreadful restaurant music.

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