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Edited into the new version of the “Penny Lane” film.

Six days ago, without any fanfare, The Beatles published eighteen “preview videos” on YouTube, taken from last November’s release of the 1 and 1+ video collection. The lengths of the video previews vary from 33 seconds to 47 seconds. Perhaps the publication was done to include the videos on a promotional page, pages over at the Beatles.com website or it may have been done to celebrate that the video collection just won an award. The UK based FOCAL International group gave the collection the “Award for Best Use of Footage on non-Television Platforms” recently. Here’s the entry, from the website of the FOCAL International awards:

The Beatles 1+ Video Collection

Apple Corps Limited   |   UK

Producers: Jonathan Clyde, Martin R Smith

Footage Archive Researchers: Aaron Bremner, Chris Purkiss

Top 5 Source(s) of Library Footage: Apple Corps Limited, ITN Source, Getty Images/BBC, SVT Swedish Television, Universal Music

The Beatles No. 1 Music Video Restorations for Apple Corp were completed in 2015. The project involved extensive picture research by Apple Corp and picture restoration by Deluxe Restoration of 27 No.1 videos and a further 23 new unreleased videos. Audio re-mastering was completed by Abbey Road Studios to produce a new BluRay Deluxe Collection released for sale on November 5th 2015. This restoration project involved every possible format of original source elements, from 35mm original colour negatives to 2 inch quad tapes, all from the period 1963-1970. The project required extensive research by Apple Corp to locate the originals and great versatility from the restoration team in meeting the restoration challenges of such varied content to deliver the highest possible quality HD masters for BluRay release

Apart from getting a whole lot of praise from not only FOCAL International, but also from the mainstream media, die-hard Beatles video collectors employed or educated in film restoration technology have criticised the finished product for it’s omissions, for rushed colour jobs and for presenting some of the videos in formats that have caused jitter and other unwanted artefacts. Still, to the untrained eyes of regular viewers, the collection is great looking and sounding.

These are the newly uploaded samples, labeled “1s Preview”:

  1. A Hard Day’s Night
  2. From Me To You
  3. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  4. Lady Madonna
  5. Let It Be
  6. Love Me Do
  7. She Loves You
  8. Something
  9. Ticket To Ride
  10. Yellow Submarine
  11. Yesterday
  12. All You Need Is Love
  13. The Ballad of John & Yoko
  14. Can’t Buy Me Love – also available as a full length video at The Beatles’ Vevo YouTube channel
  15. Come Together
  16. Day Tripper
  17. Eight Days A Week
  18. Eleanor Rigby

The eighteen samples joins a YouTube collection of previously released samples from the project which were uploaded to promote the collection at the time of it’s release:

  1. Paperback Writer
  2. We Can Work It Out – also available as a full length video at The Beatles’ Vevo YouTube channel
  3. Hello Goodbye – also available as a full length video at The Beatles’ Vevo YouTube channel
  4. Hey Jude – – also available as a full length video at The Beatles’ Vevo YouTube channel
  5. Get Back
  6. The Long and Winding Road
  7. Strawberry Fields Forever
  8. Help!
  9. I Feel Fine

Those samples were also labeled “1s Preview” and each video is 1 minute and 1 second in length.

For complete videos, The Beatles have made available these full length offerings at their Vevo YouTube channel:

Twist & Shout – Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 2/23/64

I Want To Hold Your Hand – Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 2/9/64

Real Love – new 2015 remix

Free As A Bird – new 2015 remix

Can’t Buy Me Love – from Around The Beatles

Don’t Let Me Down – from the Let It Be… Naked album – a composite of both rooftop versions

Hey Jude – with “By George! It’s the David Frost Theme” and an introduction by David Frost

We Can Work it Out – Intertel video from Twickenham Studios, black suits

Penny Lane – 2015 edit

A Day In The Life

Hello, Goodbye – wearing the Sgt Pepper costumes

Revolution – One of the two different versions they made.

Words of Love – 2013 radio version from “On Air – Live at the BBC Vol 2”

Revolver Records & Video have uploaded to DailyMotion a few videos presented alongside different versions that didn’t make it to the official collection:

Lady Madonna – both edits

Hey Jude – versions 1, 2 and 3

Revolution – versions 1 and 2

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