Beatles in Sweden 1963 TV Special

The Beatles, leaving Sweden, 1963

Yesterday, a new 30 minutes Swedish TV Special about that first Beatles tour abroad – Sweden October 1963, was screened. And once again, the Swedes managed to bring us previously unseen footage. The last time they had a retrospective such as this, they showed us colour footage of the Beatles arriving in Sweden. This time around, they showed us colour footage of the band leaving Sweden. All of ten Swedish girls had come to the airport to wave goodbye to the group, thousands awaited them when they landed back in London.

Ten Swedish girls waved goodbye to the Beatles

But there was more. Unseen black and white, as well as colour footage of the band on stage was sprinkled throughout the documentary. It was a real treat. Unfortunately, these Swedish TV documentaries about the Beatles are rarely seen outside Scandinavia.


Opening clip

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  1. phil overture says:

    It was indeed a fantastic programme. More footage from Gothenburg that I'd never seen and She Loves You from Drop In in great quality. Full programme here but maybe not available outside Sweden…

  2. NP says:

    No, it's not, says Den här videon är tyvärr inte tillgänglig. Anyone recorded it?

  3. phil overture says:

    Yes but unfortunately it's different from the broadcast version. They've removed the clip of them performing She Loves You from the Drop-In performance and inserted the record with some photos from the rehearsal.

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