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The Beatles at The Salvor by Peter Kaye
Another of those wicked Entertainment Memorabilia auctions is taking place at Bonham’s of Knightsbridge next week, Wednesday the 16th of December 2009. The above photo, taken by Liverpool photo studio Peter Kaye of the fab four aboard “The Salvor” down by the Liverpool docks in 1962 is one lot at the auction. It’s priced at £3,800 – 4,200, but the front of the photo doesn’t warrant this estimated price. The back, however, does.
Beatles autographs

The back of the “Salvor” photo, fully autographed.

Among the memorabilia lots on offer, there’s about 30+ Beatles related items, including full, or nearly full runs of the Beatles Monthly Book publications. There are also many more signed items by the fabs available, including one where Paul signed for John and vice versa!
Other items of interest: A Chris Montez/Tommy Roe programme (ABC Northampton 27/3/63) signed by George and Paul in blue ballpoint (together with the pen used), several Beatles Programmes from their UK tours, scrap books with newspaper cuttings and concert tickets, an extremely rare US Decca pressing of the single ‘My Bonnie’/’The Saints’ by Tony Sheridan And The Beat Brothers, 1962, Beatles trading cards, a unique script for ‘A Talent For Loving’ autographed by the Beatles and Brian Epstein, a pair of John Lennon’s Kef hi-fi speakers, used at Tittenhurst Park, and a Grundig TK20 reel-to-reel tape recorder used by The Quarrymen! That last item was used by Paul McCartney to record his band with, and one of the tapes comprised some seventeen Quarrymen recordings, a compilation made, according to Paul, around Easter 1960. This tape was sold privately to Paul in 1995 for an undisclosed sum, and is unfortunately thus not part of the lot.
The photo of 11 year old schoolboy Paul is also on offer, it was last seen at the Liverpool Convention auction back in August.
Schoolboy Paul
Something that could turn up to be interesting, is an acetate from the Beatles performance at the Ed Sullivan show in 1965.
Beatles acetate
The show is available on DVD, but what’s special about the acetate is that it’s supposedly in stereo. The description “six discernible tracks” may perhaps be a warning about the quality of the sound on the acetate.
See more items and scrutinize them with Bonham’s flash player at the official auction site. Happy bidding (or window watching)!

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