Get Back sessions gets a new looking at

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  1. Mike N says:

    And I cannot wait, Rog!!!

  2. Andrew says:

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  3. peerke says:

    With all these new lights on the White Album and Get Back sessions, I wonder: did The Beatles really broke up?

  4. Martin says:

    One wonders if this is revisionism? Apple has tried to sanitise the the bad bits of the Beatles story. In the 2009 remasters there was no mention in the sleevenotes of infighting, drugs, Klein or Yoko. John himself said the 'Let It Be' sessions were 'the most miserable on earth' and the infamous 'Jamming With Yoko' footage shows a band (John apart) in obvious distress when George left. It probably wasn't as awful as history has suggested, but to also now make out that everything was tickety boo and that John and Yoko weren't problematic for the Beatles and the Lennon & McCartney partnership is a bit away with the fairies…

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