More coloured vinyl from Macca

New single in 2 versions from Paul.

And the Christmas spirit keeps visiting the blog. Back in 2012 in conjunction with Record Store Day’s “Black Friday”, Paul McCartney released a Christmas single in two versions, on red and green vinyl. The single featured “Christmas Kisses (The Christmas Song)”, backed with “Wonderful Christmastime”.

The 2012 Christmas single has become expensive.

Today this is a collector’s item which can sell for up to $50. Next Record Store Black Friday on November 24, Paul is set to release two more singles featuring “Wonderful Christmastime” on respectively red and green vinyl. The former is backed with Norah Jones’ version of “Peace”, the latter has The Decemberists’ rendition of “Jesus Christ”. Paul’s own song is a version featuring Paul himself, Jimmy Kimmel and The Roots. Will it be as collectable? Limited to 3500 for each colour, but as usual we have no idea whether this is a worldwide figure, or if it’s just the North American quantities.





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  1. Edward R says:

    When will artists stop this nonsense of limited editions coloured vinyl. Put it on general release so every fan has a chance of getting it

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