New! Beatles Monthly Book

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  1. Unknown says:

    I wish they would digitaly transfer every issue to a cd -rom or something. They managed to fit 40 years of Rolling Stone and 50 years of Mad magazine onto one disc so it would be great if they could do it for this since tracking down each issue would cost a small fortune and lots of time.

  2. Hugh Nique says:

    There's a CD-ROM around in collectors circles that has all the original Monthly's together in a digital format. This does not include the post-Beatles new issues though…

  3. wogew says:

    They are in business to licence their archive photos for external use, so it's unlikely we will see an official digital publication of their ouvre. Like Vince said, the original 77 issues were digitised by fans several years ago, and a CD-Rom was distributed as a download. It's fairly easy to come by.

  4. Unknown says:

    I downloaded a CD-ROM a few years ago. As you say, it was easy to come by and very interesting, although I'm not sure how accurate a lot of the personal information about them is.

  5. andywharris says:

    Just to correct you Roger.When the magazine reprints started in May 1976. The surrounding pages were called tThe Beatles Appreciation Society Magazine. Record collector magazine was introduced early 1980 for a few magazines then it returned back Appreciation Society again.

  6. wogew says:

    Thank you, Andy. There I go again, writing from memory rather than research it properly… 😉

  7. Ariel Pukacz says:

    Hi to everyone. I am looking for the The Beatles Monthly Book # 169 from May 1990. Could somebody please scan the Skiffle article?? It is for a research.
    Thanks from advance.

  8. James W Fanning says:

    Where in the US can I get Beatles Monthly reissue? In American $$$ how much would each reissue be from England?

  9. I want reissues of Beatles Monthly.

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