New Beatles vinyl albums for November

“Love” and other albums scheduled for rerelease.

Apple Corps Ltd and Universal Music are in full flight to take advantage of the current rise in popularity of vinyl albums, witness the stereo and the more recent mono vinyl boxed sets and individual releases. Coming up in November is another batch of vinyl Beatles albums for hipsters, new record lovers and fans who missed the boat first time around. These are all re-releases, but as they are out of print there’ll be a re-launch of the following albums:

“Love”, “1”, “1962-1966” and “1967-1970”. Due out in November for the Christmas market, the exact date(s) are still not known.

Of course, among these, “1” is a beauty with both inner sleeves and a big poster depicting Beatles singles from around the world. Still no word of an accompanying “1” music video collection, though. And now with the other relaunched albums, they needn’t confine to the “1” theme, either.

Here they are again: The old new vinyl albums.

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  1. Henry the Horse says:

    I'm curious if "Revolution" & "Back in the U.S.S.R." on "LOVE" will be the longer versions as heard on the DVD & iTunes or the abridged CD versions.

    Thanks for bringing all the great news, Roger, as always!

  2. kirkenshrir says:

    Since this is a re-release of an already existing LP, I would be surprised if they changed things for this release…

    In other words, it will most probably be the abridged versions as found on the previous release:

  3. paddobeatle57 says:

    Is the "1" LP going to be a reissue of the same 2000 2LP version or a vinyl equivalent of the 2011 remaster?

    Also are "1962-66" & "1967-70" going to be an LP version of the 2010 remasters or a straight reissue of the original 1973 LP's?

    "Love" was never remastered so this is most likely a straight reissue of the 2006 double LP.

  4. Rockstaralan says:

    Eh….All rather pointless reissues, if you ask me-with the possible exception of "LOVE". But I already have a dead-mint 180g U.K. 1st-pressing of that one, and I have no desire to own either the "1" or Red and Blue compilations on vinyl ever again. To be fair, however, I acquired new copies of both the Red and Blue albums as a beginning Beatles fan back when I was in 5th grade. They BOTH played a HUGE role in my developing interest in The Beatles, and I would certainly recommend them to ANY beginning Beatles fan (the "1" album is also a good starter for first-time fans of the boys). I'm sorry to say, but if Apple and Universal REALLY gave a hoot about the fans, they would 1)bring us an all-analog RE-DO of the 2012 Stereo vinyl box, 2)Reissue 180g's of the ORIGINAL 1965 Stereo mixes of "Help!" and "Rubber Soul" (all-analog, of course), or 3)Overhaul the "Anthology" sets with a 180g treatment (NO RAINBO PRESSINGS, thanks!), which is what I'm personally waiting for! Until then, no thanks!!!

  5. Unknown says:

    I actually don't own these on viny, so I'm looking forward to these. Hopefully they use the recent remasters. It seems like Apple/Universal want to clean up the stuff already in the catalog before they get to releasing any more high profile projects, hence these fly by night re-issues. Hopefully they will redo the Anthology, remastered and on blu ray before the next big phase of releases…

  6. vagma says:

    I do not want these, and I will not buy them.

    What I want is the "Let it Be"-Movie on DVD, and a DVD of George`s tour of Japan.

  7. Gabor Peterdi says:

    …and vagma don't forget a pristine SHEA!Blu-ray, a full promos Blu-ray and a remastered catalogue in 5.1. Then we'll have most of everything. I hope it will all come out until 2019, for the 50th anniversary of the end of the band.

    • NP says:

      Why would they want to celebrate the END of The Beatles? They did nothing to celebrate the BEGINNING of The Beatles. All the hoopla about the "50th Anniversary" in February was generated from the US for their own local 50th anniversary of meeting The Beatles.

  8. Martin says:

    I remember the Red and Blue albums being released on red and blue vinyl in 1993 (I bought both.But I will definitely by both again. Because nothing beats the Fabs on vinyl… I presume the 1 vinyl still includes the Avedon prints?

    Good point about not needing to stick to the 1 theme for a DVD. There are bootleg DVDs (3 discs each) of both the Red and Blue albums: and you name it, it's on them… An official Red and Blue DVD would attract fans and double Apple/Universal's money.

  9. Foxx says:

    The Red and Blue were my first Beatle albums, in '72 or what was it. What has always puzzled me is that one of the best Beatle-lp's, Revolver, is so underexposed her, with only 2 tracks: Eleanor Rigby and Yellow Submarine.

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