Paul McCartney – Music video index

Still from Paul McCartney’s music video to “Appreciate”, his 184th, according to this index.

Mike Carrera has done it again, and sent me this index over Paul McCartney’s music videos.

We did it with The Beatles and now is the turn to Paul as a solo artist.

The official 3 DVD box ‘McCartney Years’  only gave us 45 videos at the time, but to date there are 189 official video clips, plus 17 additional where Paul participates, for a total of 206 videos! (and a few more that are not available yet)

Let’s be very careful because many fake/ false videos are in circulation, not only on youtube but also on many bootleg compilations over the past 20 years or more! And also many that were extracted directly from TV shows, TV Specials, Concerts, etc.

Let’s be clear:

‘James Paul McCartney’: performances from this TV show are NO actual videos (‘Live and let Die’, ‘Uncle Albert’, ‘My Love’, ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’, etc). Same with the TV Specials/DVDs: “Put it There”, “In The World Tonight”, etc, or the ‘Broad Street’ movie.

The  ‘album trailer’ for the LP ‘Band on The Run’ is also NOT an actual videoclip.

This is the list for all the known and also many unreleased and sometimes unknown by the fans, original videoclips. You won’t find any “video” here, extracted from the TV shows listed before. Any contribution/mistake report, etc are welcome!

Note: All the videos with this (*) mark, are available with his original slate or clocks. (sometimes more than one)


1-Maybe I’m Amazed #1 (1970)*

2-Maybe I’m Amazed #2 (1993)*

Version #1 and #2 are almost the same except for the aspect ratio plus the audio mix.

1993 version with audio from the new CD edition

3-Maybe I’m Amazed #3 (2001)*

A new version made to promote ‘Wingspan’.

4-Three Legs *

5-Heart of The Country  *

6-Mary Had a Little Lamb #1 (Farmyard with Live vocal) 

7-Mary Had a Little Lamb #2 (Psychedelic)

8-Mary Had a Little Lamb #3 (Psychedelic with live vocal/Flip Wilson show version)

9-Mary Had a Little Lamb #4 ((Animated) Partial available.

Do not confuse any of these versions with the one made for the TV show ‘James Paul McCartney’. Some seconds of a fifth version not available so far, are hidden inside the menus for the set ‘McCartney Years’.

10-Hi Hi Hi  #1 *

11-Hi Hi Hi  #2

Version #1 and #2 are almost the same except for the aspect ratio, the size of the titles, plus both the intro and end is longer in Version #1.

12-Hi Hi Hi  #3 (2001) *

Shows a new edit using between Version #1 and the ‘Rockshow’ performance, along with some extra footage. The audio is also from ‘Rockshow’.

13-C Moon #1

14-C Moon #2

Version #1 and #2 are almost the same except for the aspect ratio, the size of the titles, plus both the intro and end is longer in Version #1.

My Love – two different ones.

15-My Love #1 (edit 1- live vocal version)

16-My Love #2 (edit 2 -live vocal version, alternate cameras) *unreleased

17-My Love #3 (edit 3- studio audio recording, alternate cameras) *unreleased

All four versions comes from the same performance with live audio (do not confuse it with the version for ‘James Paul McCartney’), but all are different camera edits. Version #1 is the common. #2 and #3 comes from private collection and were never broadcast.

18-My Love #4 (edit 1, variation B with studio audio recording)

Same as version # 1 but with different visual effects such as slow motion shots and zoom in Paul’s face. The audio uses the studio version, not the live performance.

1993 version of Helen Wheels

19-Helen Wheels #1 (1973)

20-Helen Wheels #2 (1993) *

21-Helen Wheels #3 (SFX 1999 Version)*

1999 version of Helen Wheels.

Version #1 and #2 are almost the same except for the aspect ratio plus the audio mix. #3 adds special effects but is also the same video.

1999 version Band on the run.

22-Band on the Run  #1 (1973)

23-Band on The Run #2 (1999) *

24-Band on the Run #3 (2001 European Version) *

Three different videos. #3 shows some ‘Wings Over Europe’ concert footage of Paul with a moustache, from the final leg of the 1976 tour.

25-Jet #1 (1973) *

26-Jet #2 (1973)

# 1 is the short version and the # 2 the full. Definitely one of the rarest and least circulated videos of Paul, and also the least interesting, as only shows a picture of Paul and Linda with different animations and the lyrics of the song.

27-Jet #3 (1979) *

Taken from ‘Rockshow’, also released in 2001 to promote ‘Wingspan’.


29-Junior’s Farm  *

Originally distributed as a video in 1974, taken from the documentary “One Hand Clapping” (unpublished at the time and never officially released until 2010). Do not confuse with the presentation in the TV show “Top Of The Pops” which is included as a bonus on the official box ‘McCartney Years’. That’s not a music video.

30-Letting Go #1

31-Letting Go #2

Long and short version. Exclusive footage of Wings live during the mini UK tour in September 1975.

32-Venus and Mars/Rockshow #1

33-Venus and Mars/Rockshow #2

Long and short version. Exclusive footage of Wings live during the mini UK tour in September 1975.

34-Listen to What The Man Said (1979) *

Taken from ‘Rockshow’, also released in 2001 to promote ‘Wingspan’.

35-Silly Love Songs   *

36-Let’em In (1979)  *

Taken from ‘Rockshow’, also released in 2001 to promote ‘Wingspan’.

37-Maybe I’m Amazed (1977 Wings Over America)

Video created to promote the live album ‘Wings Over America’, using collage of photographs, completely different from previous versions.

38-Mull of Kintyre #1 * (Scottish Version)

39-Mull of Kintyre #2 * (Fog Version)

Two different videos, one shot in Scotland and the second on a film set in Elstree Studios in London. Incorrectly, a third version circulates, but is taken from the TV show “The Mike Yarwood Christmas Show” and is not a video clip.

40-With A little Luck  *

Slate for With A Little Luck

41-London Town #1  *

42-London Town #2  *

Slate for London Town.

43-The Oriental Nightfish

44-I’ve Had Enough #1

45-I’ve Had Enough #2  *

The intro for each version is different.

46-Rockestra Theme *

Keefco produced Getting Closer and the other Back To The Egg videos

47-Getting Closer #1   *

48-Getting Closer #2   *

Identical in the video, but with differences in audio mixing. #1 does not include the effects of ambient sound, like the sound of the truck at the beginning or end of it, which are present in #2; plus you can hear the cue signal to the sound track with four “beeps” that were eliminated in the second version.

49-Baby’s Request #1  *

50-Baby’s Request #2

The second version is a slight variation: the colour imaga is in sepia, cropped picture and an effect to make it look like an old movie.

51-Old Siam Sir *

52-Spin it On #1  *

53-Spin it On #2  *

Identical in the video department, but with differences in audio mixing. #2 does not include the effects of ambient sound, like the sound of the plane at the beginning. #1 presents the introduction of Denny Lane “This is It” incomplete, all we hear is “Is it” , #2 is complete and includes the initial guitar riff repeated twice as an echo, before hearing Denny’s voice.

54-Winter Rose/ Love Awake  *

55-Again Again and Again    *

56-Arrow Through Me   *

Goodnight Tonight – a jungle

57-Goodnight Tonight #1 (VERSION A)   *

58-Goodnight Tonight #2 (VERSION A, variation B)

59-Goodnight Tonight #3 (VERSION B, partially available)

60-Goodnight Tonight #4 (VERSION C)

61-Goodnight Tonight #5 (VERSION D) *

62-Goodnight Tonight #6 (VERSION D, variation B) *

Variants for this video can be a nightmare and has caused much confusion among fans and unofficial appearances on bootleg compilations, which always shows the wrong order; fortunately, we have some with original slates, where the type of version (Version A, Version D, for example) is shown.

VERSION  A is the rarest and uses two takes mixed simultaneously, in one of them the camera approaches Paul throughout the video, making faces and gestures not available in any of the other versions; also here are no scenes where McCartney plays the bongos, which does appear in versions B, C and D.

VERSION A VARIATION B  adds an effect to look like an old film and fuzzy but the video is the same. This is the only of the four that is in full colour, since the others available in its entirety, has an effect on startup of black and white when Linda appears with her fan.

VERSION B does not circulate in full today, and shows the group in their “street clothes” and informal, the hair is also normal.

VERSION C is a combination of A, B and adds exclusive footage not available anywhere else. And version D is a combination of A and C only.

VERSION D VARIATION B version differs only in aspect ratio, showing more approaches to faces.

To create more confusion, incorrectly a youtube video shows  a comparison of the “four” versions, which is  wrong and also are ordered wrongly. If you want to see it:

But we must correct the order: top left  is VERSION C, upper right is VERSION A, and the two lower left and right are VERSION D and VERSION D VARIATION B. Version B is not included but many fans of the guy who made it, thinks so.

63-Wonderful Christmastime

64-Coming Up #1 *

65-Coming Up #2 (variation B)*

66-Coming Up #3

Version #1 and #2 are almost the same except for the aspect ratio. #3 adds some different footage.

67-Waterfalls #1

68-Waterfalls #2

Unknown to most, there are two versions, almost identical (#2 starts a little earlier than #1, and the end is longer), but with different audio mix. #1 starts with the chirping of birds while the camera approach the window; and ends with the same ambient noise of nature while Paul turns off the light and closes the window.

In #2, to start the video the sound of birds is quite hidden by the sound of a sheep (bleating) and the barking of a dog; but the end is more dramatic: while Paul was about to close his window, again the bleating of sheep and the barking of the dog is clearer, Paul turns off the light, spend a few seconds and there is a noise as is he fell above a cabinet, things falling, broken glass, the dog barks louder, an owl hoots, birds chirping again and therefore the end extends longer. This is one of the most unknown official video versions of Paul.

69-Seaside Woman  #1 (1980)

70-Seaside Woman  #2 (1986) *

Version #2 was directed by Paul, and shows live action from Linda and the ‘Red Stripes’ mixed with the original animation.

The full version includes yawn by Paul in the very start

 71-Ebony and Ivory *

While running the clock before starting the video, Paul appears yawning during the filming of it, so collectors need to get the full video with the complete slate.

72-Ebony and Ivory (Solo)

* Weird that  this version was omitted from the recent ‘Archive Collection’ series.

73-Take it Away *

Tug of War

74-Tug of War #1 *

75-Tug of War #2 *

#1 is known by all. #2 was in the possession of private video collectors for many years and was unreleased until 2015 on the ‘Archive Collection’ series. It was certainly  one of the rarest unpublished videos, and shows images of Paul recording in the studio ‘Keep Under Cover’ and the unreleased ‘It’s Not On’ (with audio of ‘Tug of War’) and talking to Japanese journalists, for example.

76-Here Today

This video also remains unpublished and was not included in the recent Deluxe ‘Tug of War’. It is very similar to “Tug of War #2”, but does not include Paul talking to journalists, but adds more scenes recording in the studio.

A second version, which is not available in full to date, shows a collage of photos of John and Paul taken by  Linda. Thirteen (13) seconds of this version can be seen on the official youtube channel of Paul, published in October 2015 with material left off from the ‘Archive Collection’ collection, from 1:02 until 1: 16:

Another version is also in circulation but it’s not official, although many do pass as such, it was created for a TV show, but not by MPL, therefore, is not on the list but here you can see it, remember, not an OFFICIAL VIDEO:

Say Say Say
McCartney started to make real interesting videos.

77-Say Say Say   *

78-Pipes of Peace  *

79-So Bad  *

No More Lonely Nights.

80-No More Lonely Nights   *

81-No More Lonely Nights (disco version) *

Rupert the bear decorates the slate for We All Stand Together.

82-We All Stand Together  *

83-Spies Like Us (UK Version) *

84-Spies Like Us (US Version) *

Although both versions includes slightly different scenes, the easiest way to identify  is in the final part: The US version includes the actresses Vanessa Angel and Donna Dixon doing backing vocals. They do not appear in the version for England.

The girls are only in the US version, due to the miming ban in UK.
Press, from the London Underground.

85-Press  *

Pretty Little Head

86-Pretty Little Head *

87-Stranglehold *

88-Only Love Remains *

89-Once Upon a Long Ago #1   *

90-Once Upon a Long Ago #2 (live Action Edit) *

The difference between the version known to all, #1, appears at 00:32 after the phrase “Making Up Moons In A Minor Key” and until second 00:39 where there is a completely different aerial shot; and from 00:40 until 1:04, the cartoon or animated sequence is not in this version, so Paul and his band gets more screen time. Once past this time, the rest is the same as Version #1.

Another variant is available: Once Upon a Long Ago # 3 (Live Action Edit-Clip) *, which is only a fragment of 1:29 seconds extracted from Version #2, to show differences versus #1, so it’s not considered a different video clip.

Versions #2 and the clip #3 are the most difficult to get and are circulating only among collectors.

Once Upon A Long Ago.

91-Live and Let die (1987 All The Best -clip)

This version uses footage from the 1975 tour in the first part  and from the 1976 tour  after the explosions. Broadcast by VH1.

92-Band On The Run (1987 All The Best)

Extracted from ‘Rockshow’ to promote Paul’s hits collection. Broadcast by MTV.

My Brave Face

93-My Brave Face (UK Version) *

94-My Brave Face (Spanish Version) *

95-My Brave Face (French Version)

The difference between these versions are the subtitles in English, Spanish and French, the latter two being the most sought after by collectors. A fourth variant, subtitled in Italian was also produced, but is not circulating, only the initial slate.

96-My Brave Face (Japanese version/Making Of) *

Used mainly for the Japanese market to avoid the regular version showing a crazy Japanese fan, but this version was also broadcast in Europe and America.

This One, two completely different videos.

97-This One #1 *

98-This One #2 *

Two completely different videos. #1 was directed by Dean Chamberlain and is known as “Paul with hat”; #2  was directed by Tim Pope, known as the “Swan” Version.

99-Ou Est Le Soleil *

Video game look in this video.

100-Figure of Eight #1 (Short Version)

101-Figure of Eight #2 (Long Version) *

5 min and 10 seconds for #1 and 3 min 59 seconds for #2.

102-Figure of Eight #3 (UK live version)

To promote the live album ‘Tripping the Live Fantastic’, with completely different images to the two previous versions.

Figure of Eight, short version.

 103-Party Party

Put It There

104-Put it There #1 *

105-Put it There #2 (Variation B)

106-Put it There #3 (Paul Solo version) *

#1 mixes images of Paul with his acoustic guitar, and the story of fathers and sons. The photograph or image for the video is sepia colour. Variation B is identical in content to #1, but the colour is blue.

Version #3 shows only scenes of Paul and is the rarest.

107-We Got Married *

108-P.S. Love Me Do

109-Birthday #1  (Concert version)

110-Birthday #2  (Party version)  *

111-All my Trials #1 (Conceptual Version) *

112-All my Trials #2 (Paul version)

Paul and his band appear only in version # 2.

113-The Long and Winding Road (Tripping The Live Fantastic)

114-I Saw Her Standing There (Tripping The Live Fantastic)

115-Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Tripping The Live Fantastic) *

116-Band on the Run (Tripping The Live Fantastic)

117-Get Back (Tripping The Live Fantastic)

All videos to promote the live album ‘Tripping The Live Fantastic’ include very different scenes to the ones in Richard Lester’s concert film ‘Get Back’, in many cases, completely different interpretations.

Save the Child from Liverpool Oratorio, versions 1 and 2.

118-Save the Child #1 (Liverpool Oratorio Version 1) *

119-Save the Child #2 (Liverpool Oratorio Version 2) *

Two of the most obscure videos on the film career of Paul, apparently, none were transmitted. The most interesting is #1, many scenes of Paul during rehearsals for the Oratorio, playing in Scotland with his sheepdog Arrow, a child pretending to be McCartney looking from the Liverpool Institute at the Cathedral. #2 is extracted directly from the  ‘Liverpool Oratorio’ video for individual promotion. The two versions circulating among collectors with their respective slates.

Hope of Deliverance

120-Hope Of Deliverance #1 (1992) *

121-Hope Of Deliverance #2 (1993 version with stone) *

The main difference is the duration of the introduction. The version “with stone or grave” is the longest and is the least common.

The rare “Deliverance” video.

122-Deliverance  *

123-Big Boys Bickering

Another obscure video made exclusively for the MTV channel, which was the only US media that could present “offensive” language at that time; using footage from the TV show ‘Up Close’ with images of animals and people suffering extreme poverty.

Paul called on Industrial Light & Magic for flight scenes.

124-Off The Ground *

125-C’mon People #1 (Long Version)  *

126-C’mon People #2 (Short Version) 

The length of  #1 is 5:47, using the album version as audio; and 4 minutes is # 2, using the radio edit as audio but fixing some lines to match with the video.

Kevin Godley directed C’mon People.

127-Get out of My Way

128-Biker Like an Icon #1 (With Performance/ studio audio version)   *

129-Biker Like an Icon #2 (With Performance/ ‘Paul is Live’ audio version) *

130-Biker Like an Icon #3 (Without Performance/ No Paul version)

131-Biker Like an Icon #4 (Performance Only)

132-Biker Like an Icon #5 (3 screen split)

Another nightmare with different versions. #1 and #2 are identical in video, where the story of the girl who follows her motorcycle guy appears in the foreground, and Paul is shown (similar to version #4) on the right side of the screen, but one uses the studio version and the other, the ‘Paul is Live’ audio.

#3 is the most common and Paul does not appear at all. The audio is the studio version.

#4 is only Paul and his band playing the song live exclusively for this video.

In #5, the screen is divided into three parts: right and left images of Paul and his band (similar to Version # 4), and center, the story of the girl. The audio is the studio version.

Version 1 of Biker Like and Icon.

133-Young Boy #1  *

134-Young Boy #2  *

#1 contains images of Paul recording the song and # 2 is the “surf version”.

135-The World Tonight #1  *

This differs from the next three by showing Paul walking the streets with his tape recorder on his shoulder, or sitting on a beach “the center of a circle” (to paraphrase the lyrics of the song). This version is presented incomplete in the film ‘In The World Tonight’, editing the start where in slow motion, you can see Paul turning his head and behind him, a shooting star (this scene appears in the middle of the actual video # 1 not at the beginning, as in the film). This version of ‘In The World Tonight’ is not a different video, just an edit to highlight this event caught on tape.

136-The World Tonight #2  *

137-The World Tonight #3  (alternate edit) *

Versions # 2 and # 3 are identifiable by the large yellow umbrella charging Paul, but hardly distinguishable. The different scenes are very fast and seems to be the same. In # 2 at the end Paul and Linda give a big kiss and walk away, leaving only their shadows. In # 3, the kiss is shown briefly and ends there, plus you can hear at the beginning of it, over the chords that open the song, Paul saying: “Yeah Man”. #3 is the hardest to get.

138-The World Tonight #4

The final version is distinguished mainly to contain scenes of the film ‘Father’s Day’ with the actors Robin Williams and Billy Crystal, along with scenes of Paul taken from versions #1, #2, #3 and adding new shots.

Censored and uncensored versions of Beautiful Night.

139-Beautiful Night #1 (Uncensored version) *

140-Beautiful Night #2 (Censored version)

The only difference between the two is the editing in the body shot of the girl who stars in the video. The uncensored version shows a little more “skin” when she takes off her clothes, the second removes this exposure of her body and was edited for broadcast on television channels like VH1.

141-Little Willow

142-Wide Prairie

143-The Light Comes from Within #1 (Censored version)  *

144-The Light Comes from Within #2 (Uncensored version)  *

To promote Linda posthumous album ‘Wide Prairie’, another animated video was made. As for the image, the two are identical, but in the audio from the censored version, there is a “whistle” or “cuckoo” effect when Linda says a “bad word” many times. This audio mix is unique and it’s not available on CD to date.

145-No Other Baby #1  *

146-No Other Baby #2 (concert version)  *

147-Brown Eyed-handsome man #1 *

148-Brown Eyed-handsome man #2 (concert version) *

Unknown to many, but we have second versions for “No Other Baby” and “Brown Eyed”, taken from the charity concert for PETA in 1999, as directed by Joel Gallen.

149-From a lover to a Friend #1

150-From a lover to a Friend #2 (without cameras) *

151-From a lover to a Friend #3

In Version #1, the image was cropped up and down to make it widescreen. #2 named “Without Cameras” is full screen and image is untrimmed, showing details that are not seen in the first. And #3 is similar, but adds scenes unused in #1 and #2, and also adds footage from the Concert for New York in 2001. #2 and #3 circulates among collectors only.

Fake versions are in circulation. This for example:

taken from the Eurochannel TV special for ‘Driving Rain’, but it’s not different, it simply adds scenes of Paul with the interviewer at the beginning. And we have another, 100% FALSE  made by a fan and that has circulated many years in bootlegs collections, pretending to be real:

152-Freedom #1 *

153-Freedom #2 (revised version) *

154-Freedom #3 (football version)

Three versions of “Freedom”.

#1 and #2 are the same, it seems that there is a slight edit in certain shots, but a comparative frame by frame indicates that is the same, but we have two different slates, the # 2 tells us that it is the “revised” version, so the difference is in the audio mix then?

#3 is the rarest and was created especially for ABC during Monday Night Football. Showing images of football players and fans, and scenes of Paul during the Concert for New York.

155-Lonely Road #1 *

156-Lonely Road #2 (studio version)

157-Your Loving Flame #1 *

158-Your Loving Flame #2 (studio version)

“Lonely Road # 2” and “Your Loving Flame # 2” are the rarest, and filmed the same day as “From a Lover to a Friend”. Paul is shown in a recording studio, simulating taping these songs, plus scenes from the New York Concert.

159-Driving Rain (web video)

The video of this song was only available on a secret website by entering the DVD ‘Back in the US’. The audio presents Paul’s demo for the song.

160-Fine Line #1 *

161-Fine Line #2 (animated) *

162-Jenny Wren #1  *

163-Jenny Wren #2

Version #1 is taken from the ‘Chaos At Abbey Road’ program recorded live and with an audience, #2 was filmed the same day, but there is no audience and it uses the album version. The video shots are similar, although the opening is the identification key.

164-Dance Tonight

165-Ever Present Past

166-Nod Your Head


168-Sing the Changes

169-Dance Till We’re high

170-(I Want to) Come Home

171-Blue Sway (2011)

172-My Valentine #1

173-My Valentine #2

174-My Valentine #3

175-My Valentine #4

176-My Valentine #5

177-My Valentine #6

Six different versions, all directed by Paul. One side only, front view only, Natalie Portman only, or Johnny Depp only, etc.

178-The Christmas Song

179-Band On The Run (2014 Version)

180-Call Me Back Again (2014)

181-Rudolph The Red Nosed-Reggae (2014)


183-Queenie Eye


185-Save Us #1

186-Save Us #2

187-Early Days

188-Hope For The Future

189-Say Say Say (2015 Remix)

Extra videos, with collaborations from Paul:

190-Moondreams -Denny Laine & Wings (1977) Filmed by Paul.

191-They Don’t Know -Tracey Ullman (1983) Paul makes a cameo.

192-One Love- Bob Marley (1984) Paul makes a cameo.

193-Let It Be- Ferry Aid (1987)

194-T-Shirt- The Crickets (1988) Paul produces it and also makes a cameo.

195-Veronica- Elvis Costello (1989) Paul does not appear but plays on the song.

196-Drive My Car -RADD #1 (1994)

197-Drive My Car -RADD #2 (1994)

Two slightly different versions. Julian Lennon and Ringo Starr, along with Paul (among many others) appear during this campaign to drive responsibly. Paul’s vocals were recorded exclusively for this version.

“Come Together” by The Smokin’ Mojo Filters

198-Come Together -Smokin’ Mojo Filters #1 (1995) *

199-Come Together -Smokin’ Mojo Filters #2 (1995) 

There are two different versions of the video showing scenes of the sessions at Abbey Road.

200-Ballad Of The Skeletons- Allen Ginsberg (1996)  *

Although Paul does not appear in this video, he plays all the instruments that accompany the poet Ginsberg. This version is different from the one released on a single CD of the same name.

201-Appaloosa –Linda McCartney (1988)

Extracted from the promotional video for press (EPK) for the album ‘Wide Prairie’. Never promoted as a video clip alone, worth to be included, and shows images of Paul and Linda with their horses.

202-Do They Know It’s Christmas -Band Aid 20 (2004) Paul appears playing Hofner bass on several occasions.

203-He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother- Justice Collective (2012) Paul can be seen singing a few lines.

204-Out of Sight – The Bloody Beetroots (2013)

A modern version for the Fireman song “Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight”. Paul appears throughout the video along with the Bloody Beetroots.

205-Fourfive Seconds –Rihanna feat. Kanye West & McCartney (2015)

206-Food Revolution Day- Jamie Oliver (2015)

Another rare video with a big collaboration from Paul. This song is not available so far on CD, and Paul sings the chorus throughout the song.

More official videos, not available to date, or complete, or reported to exist:

-Mary Had a Little Lamb #5 (Circus Version) A few seconds are available.

-Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five (From ‘One Hand Clapping’ but eliminating the scenes of Paul with a cigar)

-Rockestra Theme Version #1 : differences from the circulating #2 are unknown.

-Here Today Version #2: collage of photos of John and Paul, taken by Linda . A few seconds are available.

-My Brave Face (Italian Version) Only the slate is available.

Note: Contrary to the myth that has circulated for years, no video of McCartney and Michael Jackson for the song ‘The Man’ circulates. The collage of home movie footage shot by Paul released this 2015 in the DVD of the ‘Archive Deluxe Collection’ for “Pipes of Peace”  is NOT a video clip. If a video was filmed, is still in Paul’s vault.

New title from Misterclaudel.

 Glad to report that all the videos (minus 2, for some reason, the Version #2 for ‘Once Upon a Long Ago’ and Version #2 for ‘Jenny Wren” are not present), including the unreleased versions, are available for THE FIRST TIME EVER on a bootleg release. I’ve been collecting bootlegs since the VHS days and have all the DVDs compiling Paul’s videos, from labels like FAB and others and none of them have had even 50% of the videos including on the new 7 DVD box set “Complete Promo Clip- The Ultimate Collection” that Misterclaudel just released and that made me create this review list. Many videos from other bootleg compilations are taken directly from TV Channels like MTV, VH1, and on this new release, we have many (a few exceptions of course, not all the videos are available from master tapes) without any TV Logo, so, Macca fans will be thrilled. Also, in some cases, all the different slates before the clip starts are present here, plus the final credits for some videos, never shown on tv channels, all those little details that we collectors love! And for those saying Misterclaudel never releases unreleased materials on video, this release will shut down a few mouths.

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    My Carnival

    In Liverpool

    Nothing Too Much (Just out of Sight)

    Meat Free Monday

  8. Unknown says:

    Blogger Mark said…
    My supplier says this title will be released in about a month….

    22 November 2015 at 05:12

    Thanks for the info, Mark..!

  9. wogew says:

    Kirill, I did make a website dedicated to all the solo concerts, but haven't updated it since 2011. It's here:

  10. Unknown says:

    Thanks a lot, Roger.
    I'll try to finish your work and create the complete list of concerts…
    I also upload McCartney's concerts on youtube

  11. Mary says:

    Yes Mr Krill, ALL are NON OFFICIAL videos! But 'Meat Free Monday' it's a very good one and I think it should be also in the list as "related videos", even when the song is not even on a CD yet.
    "Band On the Run album trailer" it was clearly discussed as not an official videoclip, it's just an album trailer, kind of an EPK.
    "My Carnival" is NOT even a videoclip! it's just a fragment of the recording session (vocal overdubs) broadcasted on radio and TV and also on the official Archive Collection series.
    'In Liverpool' is taken from a TV special, not an official videoclip.
    'Nothing Too Much' is super fake! taken from the EPK and also DVD documentary.
    If we add many videos from the EPKs and Tv specials, like you upload your youtube channel with clips from 'Wide Prairie' EPK, 'Put it There' Tv special,'James Paul McCartney', etc, etc, the list will go on forever, but it was clearly said, those are not official videos or videoclips, not that they are no REAL or FAKE, simply, those were not created to promote an album or a record.

    Kirill Radchenko said…

    Is this FAKE too?

    Band On The Run Medley

    My Carnival

    In Liverpool

    Nothing Too Much (Just out of Sight)

    Meat Free Monday

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