Paul McCartney returned to the stage after microphone malfunction

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  1. Unknown says:

    I was there. What isn't apparent on the DVD is when the mic went out Paul was unaware of the problem and then the crowd started boo'ing – not at Paul but at the malfunction. Paul carried on like a pro and the mic eventually came back on. But for that brief moment I figure Paul must have been pissing himself.

  2. Popper says:

    I'm pretty sure Paul's repaired vocals were aired on TV long before the Live Aid DVD. I recall seeing a re-run of it, and it had been repaired – but I can't be sure when that was. Not too long after the event, as I recall, maybe later in 1985? I think there was a 'best of Live Aid' type of show, with highlights from the day.

  3. Brian Fried says:

    The Live Aid performance (corrected vocal) has been officially released in digital format as well, as part of a larger Live Aid boxed set.

  4. Peter C says:

    Popper is correct. The re-recorded LIB was broadcast as part of an end of year documentary in 1985.

  5. Jeremy says:

    The re-recorded LIB also got a broadcast within days when BBC Radio 1 broadcast a highlights show from the day. I remember taping it off the radio at the time.

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