Mojo celebrates Abbey Road

The upcoming edition of Mojo magazine celebrates Abbey Road’s 50th anniversary.

The October edition of MOJO music magazine is in the shops in the UK on the 20th of August and comes in a presentation bag. The issue celebrates 50 years of The Beatles’ Abbey Road album, bringing exclusive news of the 2019 Anniversary Edition, new mix and bonus material. Inside the bag you’ll find: MOJO magazine, with a special cover featuring Paul McCartney’s original designs for the cover of Abbey Road; a lavishly detailed, double-sided Beatles map – one side Liverpool, the other side London.

The Liverpool side of the map

MOJO’s Abbey Road celebration includes fresh looks at all the songs by top MOJO writers plus all you need to know about the forthcoming reissue, including its revealing studio banter and revelatory alternate versions.

Link: MOJO

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  1. piper909 says:

    Hmm. I can't say that map artwork or layout is very impressive. Can Mojo possibly find anything new to say about this reissue? Or are they just rehashing old material or passing along Apple infomercials? (Cynically speaking — I still have the deluxe CD set and regular CD set plus vinyl copies on pre-order.)

  2. Martin says:

    If I know MOJO it will be a few routine autopilot answers from Macca, some stuff from Giles, and MOJO interviewing Yoko and going on about how 'positive' she was for the Beatles (?). That's what their 'White Album' issue was like last year.

  3. Unknown says:

    For Beatles fans it is still not easy to accept that it was John's choice, not Yoko's, that his girlfriend/wife attended those sessions in 1968 and 1969…

    The Beatles Family and Appel are doing a good job with this remix series. Sometimes people just have to be patient 😉


  4. piper909 says:

    There is a MOJO issue from 2000 I have with a special Abbey Road cover feature and I'm not sure they have anything new to add now.

  5. bob katz says:

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  6. bob katz says:

    what is new to add 50 years later? i've purchased this album too many times to count but i think they have enough of my money at this point to make a good living.just because every ten years george and now giles until he dies, decides to make the bass or guitar louder on a 50 year old album, then re-rap it, it's not going to make me pay for another sheep on macca's farm. not interested.

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