PC Live series conclusion

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  1. Titanical says:

    Great!!! Thanks really. This is nice to complete the live series. I don’t want the A/B collection and this fills my PC Live box.

  2. Anonymous says:

    can someone post in flac….thank You

  3. Mr.Kite says:

    Anonymous: You can find it on Piratebay, and in flac

  4. Anonymous says:

    sorry but pirate bay has this as a torrent….
    cant find a way to download a flac
    can anyone post a link or post on rapidshare etc thank You

  5. Anonymous says:

    Judging from the track listing, this is absolutely identical to A/B Road 30 Jan. It is not very hard to find the entire A/B Road series in flac quality – it’s on several blogs.

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