The Beatles on Spotify -the first 100 days

Infographics from Spotify about The Beatles first 100 days

The Beatles were a bit behind when it came to availability on streaming services, but Christmas eve 2015 saw the group make it’s debut on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora and Google Play. Spotify just released some numbers, as seen in the colourful infographics above.

Even though they had a late debut, now that the first 100 days are behind us, The Beatles has overtaken the figures from well known current acts like Sia and Ed Sheeran. If we add together the songs based on their lengths, so far 2,793 years of Beatles music have been streamed during these 100 days.

The majority of listeners in the U.K., 67 percent of them, are under 35 years of age. Globally, the biggest Beatles Spotify audience are people in the USA, followed by U.K., Mexico and Sweden. Also on a global scale, the most streamed Beatles song is George Harrison’s “Here Comes The Sun”. After that, it’s the B-side, Lennon’s “Come Together”, followed by McCartney’s “Let It Be” and “Yesterday”.

4,2 million playlists featuring Beatles music have been created by Spotifyers. Of 65 million weekly global listeners to The Beatles’ music on Spotify, 65 percent of them are male and 35 percent female. Top 4 albums globally are “1”, followed by the classics: “Abbey Road”, “The Beatles (White album)” and “Let It Be”.

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  1. jordanRwood says:

    This is absolutely incredible! Great to finally have them on Spotify, it's taken a while!

  2. db says:

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  3. Unknown says:

    Not surprised to see George's tracks at the top. Those songs are beautiful.

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