The Irish Mother, the Race horse and the Beatles

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  1. Blakey says:

    Funny how it says Best was possibly a threat to Lennon. But Pete still remembers John fondly and cites him as his favourite Beatle. It’s probably more accurate that Paul wanted Pete out. Everyone knows about Jim McCartney publicly having a go at Pete because he attracted more girls. It’s also documented by some that Paul phoned Brian Epstein when he was giving Pete the bad news. ‘I can’t talk now. Peter’s in the room’. George also wanted Ringo in the band. And maybe both Paul and George pounced while John was distracted by his wedding to Cynthia.

    • William Campbell says:

      The three of them only wanted Pete Best in because they needed a drummer for their upcoming trip to Hamburg. Otherwise, they didn’t want him at all. He was a lousy drummer. Here’s the ‘best’ discussion I’ve seen dealing with this issue, presenting facts, not speculation like the post above.

      • Juergen says:

        in the directors cut version of the beatles anthology, the one with much more interviews, george is mentioning that in hamburg when ringo was in the room, the mood was more funny. it was “hey ringo” when he entered the room and they all had fun. so george meant, it was the good mood he brought in, that they led decide to change the drummer. this is is a very human decision. two drummers, none of both really good, but if you´d have to decide, you would also choose the one, you would have at least fun with.

  2. rick says:

    WOW she was a real looker!

  3. curious reader says:

    “She decided to pawn all of her jewellery and put all of the money on a horse. The encouragingly titled “Never Say Die” ”

    I’ve always found this curious. How did she do this? Bookmakers weren’t legal in the UK until 1961, so either Mona travelled down to Epsom with all of her money and out the money on on the course, or she did it with an illegal black market bookmaker.

    But I’ve never seen a reference to Mona going down to Epsom. And I can’t imagine a backstreet bookmaker being willing to accept such an enormous some of money (and to pay it out!).

    So what’s the real story here?

  4. Nancy says:

    Being an avid fan of the Beatles as a teen (read: an entire section of a wall slathered with photos), I knew the drummer had changed, but the rest of of the article is all new to me.

  5. Jeff Baker says:

    Marc Royer now living in Lake Tahoe was the original manager of the Casbah and is interested in writing a book with Unbelievable back room stories.

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