Transcript of The Beatles Live at the Star-Club

The Star Club in Hamburg

Stan Mirgel has gone to the trouble of uploading a video of still photos from The Beatles visits to Hamburg, with the audio of the Beatles Live at The Star-Club accompanying the video. And what’s more, he has superimposed over the pictures the song lyrics and dialogue from the concert audio. So if you have wondered what they were on about, look no further! It’s a 95 minute slideshow telling the story of The Beatles’ five Hamburg stints using hundreds of rare photos, plus audio of their Star Club appearances, plus transcript and translation of all stage announcements and lyrics.

The video is dedicated to the memory of Alan Williams, Stuart Sutcliffe and Astrid Kircherr.

Watch it on YouTube.

2 Responses

  1. Colin Fletcher says:

    Is this a copy of Lord Reith’s video for Zu Laut or a totally new piece of work?

  2. kenny taylor says:

    The dialogue between songs is priceless now that I can read in English what’s going on with the audience.If the original release would’ve done this for the linernotes it would’ve been a lot more popular!
    Lord Reith did an amazing job but one can only imagine what they could do with the actual source tape these days.I have no idea if its Lord Reith or not.Seems like it.
    Thanks for keeping us up to date with this site!

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