Videos from Parlogram Auctions

Record collectors may have been buying from Parlogram Auctions, which is the company Andrew Milton buys and sells records through. British Milton runs the company from Austria, and specialise in records of the highest quality – and priced accordingly. For some time now, Milton has also been presenting some of his findings on his own YouTube channel.

For people collecting Beatles records, the videos have mouth-watering potential, as we get to see some stuff we would have loved to come by, ourselves. For instance, Milton have been publishing videos with titles like “The Beatles UK EMI Reel-to-reel Tape Albums“, “Unboxing Original 1960’s SEALED Beatles Albums“, or how about “Unboxing NEW-OLD-STOCK UK 1st Press Beatles VINYL – From Original Factory Box!“. Some of his videos are also educational, like his guides to which of the U.K. LP pressings that has the best sound, Parlophone Records before The Beatles, which edition of the Ringo-version of “Love Me Do” comes closest in quality to the original single, what’s with the early pressing of Revolver, containing an alternate mix of “Tomorrow Never Knows” etc. Unfortunately, his guides are presented without samples of the actual recordings, due to the fact that he doesn’t want them removed for any copyright infringement. Still, he illustrates the dynamics on compressions of the various editions of the tracks using graphs.

His latest contribution has a rundown of the various U.K. cassette releases of the Beatles, from 1967 to 1987 as its subject. Take a look:

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