The Beatles RockBand decrypted

UPDATE: The Daily Beatle has received a message from a person who shall remain nameless, and who has the following comment to the original article below: “The files that are circulating are NOT decrypted but recorded with sound cards and special homebrew software from wii and xbox”.

The sound files of The Beatles:RockBand were finally decrypted or cracked in March, after a lot of effort by computers and minds. 23 of the decrypted tracks leaked in March and May, but were spread around sparingly, only reaching the most eager fans. Now they are slowly starting to spread and reach more and more people. Each song is presented as a multitrack MOGG file, with instrument separation. This means that people who have access to these can “play George Martin”, and fade up and down the various elements of the song, by using the well-known free audio program “Audacity” or other similar sound editors.

The RockBand multitracks aren’t necessarily like they were in the original sixties multis, as Giles Martin has been using various techniques to do further separation of otherwise interlocked instruments from the original multis. The Daily Beatle has obtained a list of the songs that has been decrypted so far. Many of these have yet to be spread on the internet, but the ones with an asterisk (*) are currently being traded and shared among collectors and fans in the know.

1 I Saw Her Standing There*

2 Boys

3 Do You Want To Know A Secret

4 Twist And Shout

5 I Wanna Be Your Man

6 I Want To Hold Your Hand

7 Can’t Buy Me Love

8 A Hard Days Night*

9 Eight Days A Week*

10 I Feel Fine

11 Ticket To Ride

12 Day Tripper*

13 Drive My Car*

14 Norwegian Wood

15 You Won’t See Me

16 Nowhere Man

17 Think For Yourself

18 The Word

19 Michelle

20 What Goes On

21 Girl

22 I’m Looking Through YOu

23 In My Life

24 If I Needed Someone

25 Wait

26 Run For Your Life

27 Paperback Writer

28 Taxman

29 And Your Bird Can Sing

30 Yellow Submarine

31 Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band/With A Little Help From My Friends*

32 Lucy In The Sky*

33 Getting Better*

34 Fixing a Hole

35 She’s Leaving Home

36 Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!

37 Within You Without You

38 When I’m Sixty-Four

39 Lovely Rita

40 Good Morning,Good Morning*

41 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)

42 A Day in the Life

43 All You Need Is Love

44 Hello Goodbye*

45 I Am The Walrus*

46 Hey Bulldog

47 Revolution*

48 Back In The USSR

49 Dear Prudence

50 While My Guitar Gently Weeps

51 Birthday*

52 Helter Skelter

53 Get Back*

54 Don’t Let Me Down

55 Dig A Pony

56 I’ve Got A Feeling*

57 Come Together*

58 Something*

59 Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

60 Oh! Darling

61 Octopus’s Garden*

62 I Want You (She’s So Heavy)*

63 Here Comes The Sun*

64 Because

65 You Never Give Me Your Money

-Sun King

-Mean Mr.Mustard

-Polythene Pam

-She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

-Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight

-The End

-Her Majesty

66 I Me Mine*

67 Within You,Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows

George Martin playing George Martin, also with Giles Martin

George Martin, Russell Harty and Paul McCartney playing George Martin (Russell Harty Show 1983)

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