New Lennon short film

Yesterday, the John Lennon official YouTube channel premiered a short film, with music from the ultimate mix of Instant Karma! (We All Shine On). The footage is the closing sequence of the “Bed Peace” film in 4K. Some of the footage is from a balloon sequence in the “Apotheosis 2” film and some are the credits featuring the short-haired couple after they had their long hair cut off in Denmark.

You can see the entire Bed Peace film (1 hour 11 minutes) here, it was uploaded ten years ago.

4 Responses

  1. Rick says:

    Who was that interviewer at the bed in? He was certainly a ahole

    • absinthe says:

      Cartoonist Al Capp. Entertaining segment, especially when Derek sticks out his chest.

      • Rick says:

        Oh that’s him. Just saw that he was accused of trying to rape Goldie Hawn and Grace Kelly. And who knows how many other women. But he seem like such a nice person here.

  2. absinthe says:

    Believe what you want, Skippy.

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